Cooler Master Stream Team!

We strive to build the best community here at Cooler Master & streamers are a huge part of that. We’re always looking for new talent to join our ever-growing content creation community and you’ve landed in the right place to join us! We can support your journey in many ways from hardware to full time paid brand deals with us!

Meet The Squad

Third Artifact





MariaThe Pawdawan



Squad Goals

Affiliate Percentage 3%
MasterClub XP Boost
Free T-shirt with Purchase
Product per Year
Paid Sponsorship
Affiliate Percentage 5%
Custom Wrapped Case
Sticker and Gift Pack
20% off purchases
Free wrap with a case purchase
Full Merch Drop

What The FAQ

Why should I sign up?

Who wouldn’t want to be affiliated with the coolest brand in existence? With no commitments or expectations to advertise our brand, we offer some awesome perks including the path to our paid partner program, so it’s a win win, really. There’s also plans to implement more really cool perks over time, so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing stuff coming to the program!

If I'm on the Friend or Family level am I contracted in any way with you?

Nope smile
There’s no contract or hidden clauses to worry about, it’s just a big flex, really.

What obligations are there for each level?

For our Friends and Family levels there’s no commitment on your side, no contract or agreement that locks you into doing anything with us. We’re just providing a platform for you to flex to your community and allow them to buy some awesome discounted goodies wink

How do I know what level I'm on?

We’ll let those of you in the Family and Partner levels know which level you’re on via email. You’ll also receive a rank in our Discord server!

What does a free case wrap entail?

When you buy a Cooler Master case as a family member, you’ll get to work with our team of wizards to produce a cool as heck custom wrapped PC case with your branding. Now tell us you’re not interested wink