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What this contest is

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Bored of sitting at home? Finished your entire Steam library but still can’t scratch your PC-itch? Cancel your non-existing plans and buckle up. We’ll give you something cool to do.

We challenge you to mod a small part of your case, peripherals or setup, using nothing but common household items.

Is this your first time modding? Don’t let a lack of experience, budget or tools hold you back. This contest is all ’bout dat creativity. Just remember what Bob used to say:

“There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

1st Place $700

2nd Place $200

3rd Place $100

Each winner can choose their own Cooler Master hardware prize package equal to the amount of their prize.

The choice is yours! Pick a mouse and a keyboard, or maybe a case and a PSU, or 30 thermal paste packages? Weird, but we won’t judge…


By Joshua Lewis

Being a dad and a bike mechanic, I had all this stuff just lying around the flat. For the robot I used zip ties to hold a lot of it together.  I used bike chain and wood bolts to fill the gaps in the legs and try to give it more of a tank like appearance and make them more stable. I wanted to use something rigid for the arms, so I took some bike spokes from an old wheel and used them as a frame. I used some bicycle chain to thicken up the arms and then wrapped them in soldering wire and some wire from some old broken head phones I had in my desk drawer.  The fish I made with beads soon after this whole quarantine thing started. All the fish are held on with double sided tape. The fish on the PSU shroud have two rgb strips placed below them to help illuminate them at night. I also have a massive R2 I made out of beads sitting on top of the case to prevent scratches from resting my headset there.


By Agustin Ochoa Argentina

I used a case and I painted the interior and GPU in a white matte. At the exterior I used pencil, microfibers and markers to draw some tribal logos from my favorite games (Hellblade, R6, Payday 2, Zelda, Portal, Crash Bandicoot and more).


By Lukasz Medynski Poland

Plywood/cardboard as case part? Why not if it looks good and works as planned! This time I used a plywood to remove HDD cage, move HDD’s to case back and insert radiator in front. Total cost $2 but what a possibilities with plywood/cardboard!

I also added an AIO as cooling for my GPU and put a cardboard plate as GPU cover. It was part of bigger project. But to set everything, measure, and check if it works I started from cardboard- it worked like a charm. Total cost of mounting AIO on GPU with cardboard- below $1 and few hours of work.


  • Mod part of your case, peripherals or setup.
  • Only use household materials and objects.
  • Total prize pool of $1000 in hardware.
  • Submit your creation before July 26th 23:59.
  • Winners will be revealed in week 32.



Roll up your sleeves, storm the arts and crafts store and get busy!



Give your creation a cool name, take some pics and upload it all.



Sit back and let the masters take a look at your creation.



Sit back and let the masters take a look at your creation.

Judging Criteria

This is what our panel of judges is looking for.


Less is more. Creations that cost less to create will score higher.


Use your creativity! The more outside-the-box, the better!


Not all creations are functional. Just being pretty is also enough.


Does it actually enhance function or performance.

Meet the Judges

Meet the masterminds that will be judging you from a safe distance…

Ronnie Hara

Case Modder

Modding quickly became a big part of Ronnie’s life when he started making small changes to cases over 10 years ago. Nowadays this world renowned modder works with tons of brands and has won countless awards.

“I like to challenge the people to come up with simple things found in our daily lives at home, things that a child has access to and to use them in a fun way.”


Case Modder

Dario started modding 4 years ago by spray painting cases. He quickly moved to more advanced materials and techniques and has won many awards for his craftmanship.

“I love that this campaign makes people think outside of the box. I didn’t start with laser cutters and similar stuff. This will actually prove who is capable of creating something inspiring to others with everyday tools and objects.”


Founder PCMR

Modding is one of his passions as he feels it is one of the ultimate expressions of freedom: being able to create a piece of art, in your image, that is also a PC. The ultimate machine.

“Gamers are unmatched in their resolve and creativity. Let’s see what crazy, wonderful ideas are out there!”

Looking for Ideas?

Out of inspiration? Check out some of these ideas to get the juices flowing.

Using drinking straws, yarn and thread to sleeve your cables.

Wrapping parts of your PC with vinyl wrap.

Adding functional handles, knobs and hinges.

Applying cleverly made cable management routing with cables, clips and zipties.

Creating a way to prevent GPUs from sagging.

Using nail polish to give PC accents and racing stripes. Vroom vroom!

Adding UV paint patterns inside the case.

Adding lighting/RBG strips in unconventional ways.

Using cardboard to give your PC, PSU shroud, fan grill a different shape.

Mounting belt straps to attach your PC to your desk so it floats above the floor.

Putting pieces of mirror in your PC to create a cool effect.

Adding vent shafts from plastic soda bottles to route/increase airflow.

Are you still reading this?

Uh.. hi there! : )


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Mod using household materials? What does that mean?

You can use anything that you can usually find in and around the house, in arts & crafts stores, and in hobby shops. Stuff like cardboard, scissors, paperclips, zipties, paint, duct tape, yarn, magnets, screws, rope, plants, rubber bands, mirrors, glass, old CDs, or even Lego. Got something else laying around? Use it!

But I got a laser cutter and a CNC machine in my house, so I can use that right?

Oh you’re one of those clever fellers, aren’t you? No, you can’t use it. Think more about what you can find in an average house.

Will I get disqualified for using the wrong materials or tools?

No! That wouldn’t be much fun now would it? Keep in mind that the judges will recognize the techniques you’ve used. It’s impossible to fool them. Believe me, we’ve tried! If you’re using materials or tools that would give you an unfair advantage compared to the average person some points will be deducted.

Do I need to mod an entire case? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

No need to mod an entire case. Modding a small part is fine. You could also mod your peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or headset. You can even mod your desk or your setup if you’re feeling adventurous!

What do I need to submit?

Take a coupe of pictures from your finished creation. Give it a cool name and tell us something about the build process: How did you come up with this idea? What materials did you use?

Is this contest worldwide?

Yep, it is. As long as you have an address that we can use to ship your prize you’re good to join. As long as it’s on earth that is. You ain’t fooling us this time, Elon!

Is this one of those scams where I have to pay for the shipping of my prize?

Nope. Shipping will be paid by us as usual. Sit back, relax and relentlessly click the tracking link once the package is on its way to you.


Work must be submitted via the contest main page contact form.
Each submission will require:

  • Your name, email and country.
  • A design description.
    • Name
    • Description: How did you come up with your idea? How did you make it? What materials did you use?
  • Upload one or multiple pictures of your creation.
  • You need to agree to the following
Content of Entries

Sponsor, in its sole discretion. Without limiting the Sponsor’s discretion, entries must not include any content that: is sexualy explicit or suggestive; unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; profane or pornographic; contains nudity.

  • Promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotes any particular political agenda or message.
  • Is obscene or offensive; endorses any form of hate or hate group; appears to duplicate any other submitted entries.
  • Defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people or companies contains any personal identification, such as license plate numbers, personal names, e-mail addresses or street addresses.
  • Contains celebrities and/or other public or private figures; living or dead, without permission.
  • Contains 3rd party advertisement that is not Cooler Master and brand-related images or text communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will to which we wish to associate violates any law.

Submissions are closed.


Our judges are evaluating your submissions.
Good luck!