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Cosmos II (Liquid Edition)

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coolmiester    0

Well the clock ticked and its January 3rd which means only one thing..........the release of Cosmos II

I know everyone just wants to see pictures of the Cosmos II but if i could just add a few words - I was lucky enough to get one of the first here in the UK from Coolermaster to have a play with and although i could go through a whole list of features i’ve decided to leave that to the review guys who will do a far better job than i could and no doubt there will be a whole rake of them flooding the interweb before long so thought i’d just show a few pictures of the build.

Oh, one thing i will say though, this thing is huge, here is mine parked next to a previous Cosmos S mod for comparison though given its size i think a few will be a tad disappointed that according to the manual, it can only accommodate two 240 radiators (one in the base and one in the roof) which simply isn’t enough in my opinion for a case this size which is why mine now has two 240’s in the base and a 480 in the roof.

I had hoped the first of the dual LGA2011 CPU boards might have coincided with the Cosmos II release but they are still a little way off yet so decided to use the SR-2 system from a previous mod for the time being as i tried an X79 ATX board in there and it honestly looked like a little micro board and wouldn’t of done the case justice to be honest.

Anyway, here’s my little addition to the Cosmos II release.

System Spec:

Cosmos II (Liquid Edition)

EVGA SR-2 Motherboard

Intel X5650 CPU’s

EVGA Hydro Copper GTX 480 GPU’s

Memory – can’t mention that yet

Kingston 64GB V+ SSD’s Raid 0

Coolermaster 1200w Real Power Pro PSU

XSPC Raystorm CPU Blocks

XSPC EX 480 and 2x EX 240 Radiators

Phobya Nano-G Fans

MIPs Motherboard Block

Koolance RP-450x2

Laing D5 Pumps x2

Bitspower Black Fittings




























Not wanting to bore anyone to death but just to mention a couple of things - to get a 480 radiator in the roof i had to do a little surgery to the chassis and also added vents to the sliding top thingy which hides the buttons and houses the fan controller PCB to let the air in to the radiator.

The fan controller PCB connects to the buttons via a 6 centimetre ribbon cable so i had a hunt around and found some 22 centimetre ones in a US store so i could mount the PCB out of view on the back side of the 5.25 drive cage.

I also added a matching curved plexi window to the sliding thing at the front which was meant to show the bay res shining through the red liquid but i think i used too dark window film LMAO, so i need to find some lighter or take it off all together but i like the way the black matches the case for the time being.

Its also worth mentioning that due to the motherboard locating so close to the ceiling of the chassis, you can also only use a slim radiator like the XSPC EX series as anything thicker will hit the motherboard and those hoping to run push/pull, forget it.








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Boddaker    15

Hey Paul, I figured you would be one of the first to do something with this case. :) Nice job too, clean and subtle. I received one of these monsters as well and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. So many possibilities! :twisted:

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footman    0

Love the 480 rad at the top and yes you are totally correct slim rads only. The Magicool slim is good choice too... What fans are you using?

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bob808    1

I totally love it! I take it you lose the top two 5.25" bays with that huge rad up top?

..and I totally used your meshed chevron idea but changed it up a bit.

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