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Storm Trooper / Stryker - Wiring

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 Merry Christmas Eve to everybody!

+POWER_LED- missing from Trooper SE.

I did try everything motherboard does not start.

Here is the scheme needed motherboard to start.

As you can see here PLED missig from trooper chassis cables.

Please urgent help.


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Please can someone tell me where this cable need to be plug in ? On Asus ROG Maximus XI Code.



Thank you in advanced

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Hello, I am a happy owner of the Cooler Master Trooper case. However, I have been struggling with the following problem for several days. After turning off the computer and turning it back on, the fans settings on the casing are restored to the maximum. There are no such revisions when reboots. Previously, the case memorized the settings of fans and the lights are now restarting them as they did when switched on for the first time. What could be the reason?

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