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Aquagate Heatsync Build-up / Decomposing?

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I installed my Coolermaster Aquagate on the second of October this year and immediatly loved it, quiet cool and most of all looks gorgeous and I couldn't have been happy with it. Recently I have been doing further modification and noticed a mark on the heatsync, I tried rubbing the marks off but they are on the inside!

It seems to be either a build up of the liquid used with the Aquagate or the grills of the heatsync actually rusting! Obviously this has got me a little upset as it doesn't quite look so nice anymore. I have only ever used the coolant provided with the Aquagate and kept the system closed at all times.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can anything be done, as a last resort getting a replacement heatsync, flushing the system and adding fresh (new coolant)

Aside from this I think the Aquagate is awesome, but this has really got me on a downer.

Here are two snaps I have taken so you can see what I am talking about, click the thumbnails for a larger image. I will do higher resolution images if need be.



AFTER (image has been mirrored for a better comparison)


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I'll need to find out what's the cause and then i could send you another water block. But if there's more to it than just the water block then I will need to find out why if not you will have the build up again.

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