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Speed and Passion

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PaPang    0

Hola and Nihua littlehand,

Very hot scratch mod! Just wanted to point out that it was a little hard to see you log. It is recommended you post 800 X 600 pics so that we don't have to click to expand. It takes a very interested person to do so because a lot won't bother to and leave the thread. It also makes a judge have to do so and you know we don't want them to have anything but a seamless experience. The log is an integral part of the mod project, we are on-line after all.

Hope to see something more daring in the future because of lot us think that square cases are best left to the manufacturers, hehe. They have to make a living too!

Congratz on entering and producing a finished product, a big step accomplished. You can be proud of being a fine example of what can be done in China.

Cheers, Saludos and man zuo (sorry for the accents).

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