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Scrach mod: "Simple is not Simple" by socolate from Vietnam

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PaPang    0

Ooops something happened a month ago, but you remind me of a couple of colleagues that are into multi-media, 3D design, video edition and all the other indigestible apps in the world. They are famous for using dual hexa core processors, as many high powered video cards in sli possible, 24gb+ of fast ram, dozens of terabyte+ hard drives and triple/quadruple loop water cooling because their systems are constantly working overclocked.

Their systems work on sort of tech benches for easy access and swapping components which they upgrade constantly to be on the cutting edge. Of course their systems look like poop/crap, hehe. One of them has never even shown his setup, I suspect because he feels we won't have anything much to say of it--probably true, hehe.

Anyways, better luck the next time because you could have shown these guys a thing or twenty.

Cheers and Saludos

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