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Been busy with life lately, I doubt I'll be able to finish this. I'm having too much fun looking at everyone's entries. Anyway, I did some stuff today. I had to do something for my day off.


I/O Cutout


I wasn't happy with the initial cutout. So I decided to cut it all the way, to give it a uniform look.


And I designed a bracket for the mb tray w/ traditional "sliding" mechanism. I was going to use a pair of drawer rails but ditched it eventually as it was too bulky for me.


My first drill job. Didn't have a center punch so the was a bit of misalignment but it was sorted.


Sorry for the blurred pic. There is a 1.5mm gap between the bracket and the rail where the mb tray slides.


Fitted my Lian-li matx tray with my R2G. I'll be using this mobo for this build but I might mount it on an atx tray to use the case's space. This mod is plainly to introduce more functional elements to the standard case, ie. removable/"re-orientable" mb tray, multiple rad placements/combo, psu mounts.. Unfortunately, aesthetics will come last! Booooo for me! :(


matx fitted! Again, sorry for the bad image.


Gap between the I/O panel and the handle cover. DVI cable stick out a few cm above the plastic. I'll be cutting it and design a removable lid. I was planning the put hinges on the handle but realized that it will weaken the structure and there's barely enough sheet metal to mount stuff on.



ATX mb tray. Will have to make a backplate, to make it slide on the rails. Also, I have to reinforce the tray wobbly tray.


PSU mount, hdd/optical cage placement, rad placement.. :)


I'm not going to remove the handles even if having it seems pointless since the case would probably weigh almost 20kgs w/ the radiators and hardwares. Who said you won't build up biceps going to lan parties? :D

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