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ebay69    0

For this Project I am using the Following Items , some of items are included in the photo:

1) Asus Striker 2 780, Motherboard

2) Intel Quad Core Q9550, Socket 775

3) Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler

4) 1x Kit 2GB Corsair Xpert Pro RAM PC6400

5) 1x Kit 4GB OZ SLI RAM PC6400

6) 2x Asus NVIDIA 470GTX Graphics Cards in SLI with ZALMAN VF3000-F Heatsinks fitted.

7) Asus XONAR D2 7.1 Sound Card

8) 3x W.D. RAPTOR 150GB Hard drives, 2x off in RAID 0

9) 1x LG Blu Ray Burner BH10LS30


11) NZXT LXE TOUCH Screen External 5x Fan Controller

12) 2x 80mm Red Coolermaster Fans

13) 4x 120mm Red / Clear Fans

14) 1x 220mm Antec Fan

15) 1x Antec 902 Hundred Casepost-64927-13880423185736_thumb.jpg

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ebay69    0

Alot of the PARTS that I have used for this Build have been Modded in some way and not left as standard, eg. the Asus Motherboard Striker 2, I have modded Temp Probes that fit on it to measure the Northbridge and the Southbridge Temps. The wires being in the Color Red to match the inside of the case.

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