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Otniel Ruelas

Power Supply - FAQ/Troubleshooting

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I plugged the Power Supply into the Wall jack and it doesn't work

The Power Supply has to be installed in a Computer or connected to a Power Supply Tester or using the Paper Clip test below. It can't turn on by itself.

The Power Supply is set up in a System and/or Power Supply tester and it will still not turn on.

At the back of the Power Supply near the power plug, there is a voltage switch. On that switch, please make sure that the voltage selected is 115 and NOT 230V. ( Illustrated Below )


How to Jump Start your power supply

1) Unplug the power cable from the wall jack

2) Unplug the 24 pins or 20 pins connector and the 4 pins connector from the motherboard

3) Locate the green wire on the 24 or 20 pins connector. (some power supply has 24 pins connectors and other has 20 pins connector)

4) Connect one end of the paperclip on the green wire

5) Connect the other end of the paper to the black wire. (Any of the black wire)

6) Plug in the power cable to the wall jack

7) Give it about 3 seconds for it to start.


I have plugged everything into the computer but I can't get the Power Supply to turn on

You may have plugged the 6+2 connector to the CPU 8 pin connector. The 6+2 is PCI Express and is ONLY for Video Cards. If its plugged into your motherboard, it may damage it.

You need to plug in the 4+4 connector into the CPU 12V 8 pin connector on the motherboard.


If you are still having trouble with your Power Supply or have more questions regarding this FAQ, please contact us via our Live Chat option or E-mail us.

Live Chat: ... rtment.php


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