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CyberGolem (Scratch Build) – 2011 Case Mod Competition

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mindphaser7    0
This is beautiful. Its not often you see a computer mod permanently installed as a functional part of a building or a room. Keep it up and I am looking forward to see the elegant but mechanical symmetry.

Thanks for your attention to my work and complimentary reviews. More surprises will soon.

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mindphaser7    0

It’s time to think how to perform an upper part of construction.

Ceiling mount part decided to perform on the analogy with the base swivel turret.

The base should be a circle, after rummaging in the pantry, pulled out a holder for sterilizing jars (for domestic sealing in jars).

Combined two holders along with six long bolts.

The main supporting structure is a mechanism for transforming the couch, here is a drawing:


Side parts are holders for shoes cupboard:


Then put it all together, add a shock absorber from scooter, four electrical isolators 40mm and a couple of corners - and there is ready:




Fixed on the ceiling via four expansion anchors:


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mindphaser7    0

Test activation – checking of components:


Monitor fixed in the designed position:


The keyboard backlight operates properly:


Future head of monster - the former chassis front part, fan control panel and HDD:


It’s alive!


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mindphaser7    0

During the test activation, I used a panel with buttons and LEDs, taken from a chassis without any refinement. My first thought was to install it on "head", into one of the 3,5" compartments.

But when I once again played Half Life 2, I noticed a combine scanner camera:


and a Alliance stationary surveillance camera:


Exactly what I need!

The "big eye" will be POWER LED, and small one - HDD LED. Remains to add the POWER and RESET buttons, then lower the construction at a comfortable height.

Digging in the storeroom, I found the old Soviet peephole – it was decided to use as a lens for the POWER LED. Then I bought two more door peepholes.

The unifying element was the furniture-type hinge "grasshopper":


Rear view of the build process on the kitchen table:


For routing the wires a box from an antenna splitter was used.

As a winding of wires was used spiral electric heating element:


Also used cable glands, mounting strip, sanitary clamps, and, of course, metal hose for the wires to the system unit:


Part with the optics used as a lens for the HDD LED, and parts with shutters used for installation the buttons, marked via smiley labels:


"Petals" around the "eyes" made from remains of the plinth iron clamps after assembly "machine-gun cartridge belts":


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mindphaser7    0

Adjust the case holders on the “ceiling turretâ€:


Then fix "ridge" pipe with a few steel angles, stove spreader and attachment from railing system 25mm.

Monsters “head†fixed via "grasshopper" furniture hinge and two bar holders:


Approximately at the middle of "ridge" secured two holders (furniture bar holders with srings):


which will then be attached to the power supply unit:


The power supply unit was been slightly modified - loops of wires to a bays of 5,25 and 3,5 extend to 1,2 m, tightened in the metal hose, other wires also extended, but still left without sheath.

Assembly process photo:


Power supply unit already installed:



In place of an output cord assembly from the PSU, installed a small aluminum box, through it organized output of wires into five directions:


Also install assembled "remote control" on arm from a table lamp, adjust the height and depth positions for usability:


All the vitally important wires are connected, and it works again!


By the way, the photo shows that the side wall of the case has not been installed, and on the back side you can see the hole with 120mm fan

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