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Scratch build: Two Towers

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PaPang    0

Like Frenkie said making your own panels from apparent scrap wood is great, but this is not common wood but fine hardwood scraps, similar to rosewood or "palo de rosa" in Mexico which has a very harmonious grain and much appreciated in furniture. I have a second-hand cabinet made of palo de rosa, but I got it tinted so it is sort of ruined for a clear finish as used in the Two Towers (TT). What is outstanding is making sound boards of what otherwise be cataloged as "scrap" or really trash. The pieces that were used would have gone to making hardwood plywood otherwise so that means an above average knowledge of wood. What was involved was a lot of shaving and sizing inorder to use a "butcher block" method of using different pieces of wood into one unified grained and homogeneous panel. What is amazing is that it is so thin a ply.

Carpentry skills are apparent as all is held together by what looks like a use of tongue and groove to hold the wood together. No screw-heads are visible and no unseemly plugs to cover screw-heads. I see no blobs of epoxy that would be the other common binding method so this is fine cabinetry in the way it was built.

Of course computer modding skills are used throughout the insides to hold all the components to make what would look like a server, hehe. All those hds in the other tower.

In sum a very cool mod with some amazing skills and another fine example of the Brazilian school. Congratz.

Cheers and Saludos

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Spinne    0

Really appreciate your comments, nothing like having your work recognized by the modder community. Thank you.

And especially to PaPang, your comment was real classy. Double thanks to you.

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