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Kyosuke CM Case Mod 2011 Entry Projekt Drag

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PaPang    0

Hola Bryan!

Great to see someone from the Philippines! Great modding community and home of the some of the most creative minds in the hobby. I wish you the best of luck and hoping to see a great mod in the making. I couldn't expect less, hehe.

I expect to see bro' sunnyxtremist to drop by and cheer you one too!

Cheers and Saludos

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kyosukemodX    0

to continue my worklog


i use aluminum angle bar to support my door hinges


measuring and drill a hole for some screw to fit in



Ill post what it looks like later because its getting dark lol

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kyosukemodX    0


here it is and as you can see some of the paints strips off but it can be fix easily



i painted the odd bay plus the hdd rack and twist the hdd rack to hide its cable and also the mesh that comes from the side panel, i cut it and place it to the odd bay

if ever i want to add a fan and also for cable cabinet as well ( double purpose )


i made some concealer for the odd bay and hdd rack made out of clear acrylic ( by the way i found the acrylic in the trash and make it useful in my project )


this is where the acrylic fits in


test fitting the hinges not final yet


video card casing to make it looks like a very long card ( but it doesn't LOL )

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