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MonsterMawd    36

This would be awesome to pull off. My only advice is to not draw so much from Cooler Master's existing case design and Do what YOU like.

Here is the only problem with using Sketchup, it's only good as a conceptual drawing tool. Lets say you want something cnc milled, You can only export .skp files as 2D, not 3D drawings... So all of the surface features including thickness and depth are lost... This defeats the ability to send a CNC Machinist or Machine Shop your files to have something three dimensional made. I heard from Nexxo from bit-tech that can you cna import .SKP files into ViaCAD 3D (about $70) which in turn can export it to IGES. However I don't know of anyone who has actually done it.

fyi; You'll find lots of pre-made Sketch-up PC hardware components here, (keep in mind the donated component measurements are not always 100% accurate)

Here is some resources that you can draw upon for outside tooling needs IF needed. Or just save the links for future project needs.

Custom CNC Machined Parts by

Centerline Manufacturing Inc.

Chris Croy (President)


Fax. 260-693-6356

Laser Cutting Service, Inc.

803 41st Street North

Birmingham, Alabama 35212

205-595-7070 FAX 205-595-7021

Chrome Plating by Cal-Tron Plating Inc.

11919 Rivera Rd.

Santa Fe Springs CA, 90670

Phone: 562.945.1181


Powder Coating Technologies

14920 28th Ave. North

Plymouth, Mn. 55447


E-MachineShop (expensive, but you're paying for convenience) FYI: You can only use their free software with their equipment!

Emachineshop gives you the ability to make parts using injection molding, milling, turning, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, bending. You can download free, easy-to-use software which they can use to design objects ranging from personal computer chassis and car parts to door knobs in metal, plastic or other materials.

For Materials, don't forget to pick up that Big yellow book of local commercial phone listings, and Google is your friend!

Probably more info then you needed, but I figured I'd cover all the basics!

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re read the rules and saw that we can use another companies case, as long as their logo is not shown. THIS MAKES LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!!!! now i am considering either going out and buying a new case, or using my *company name* inspiron 530

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Got some components before spring break, posting pics now

heres what they are

Case: Antec 300

PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W (qualifying product)

Intake fans: 2x 120mm City net blue led fans

Amenities: 2x 12" link depot blue cold cathode lights post-63800-13880423264045_thumb.jpg post-63800-13880423265003_thumb.jpg post-63800-13880423265821_thumb.jpg post-63800-13880423266521_thumb.jpg

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After considering the difficulty of build and limited space on the 300's front bezel, ive drawn up another plan. this one is based on the video game by splash damage called BRINK. check out the game at



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