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PaPang    0
This is what I call MODDING!!! Bravo my friend you are making me proud to be a modder!

Is he related to you? Haha, just kidding Ang3l but I agree, this takes modding to an entirely different level, something we have to look forward to doing someday.......well, wishful thinking on my part and as for you, you are well on your way.

I was wondering how the body was made and now it makes sense. :cheers:

Cheers and Saludos

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You are too slow Baiano huh! Will you publish your completed project on time?

A hug :wink: - Secco [<o>]

Sorry for the delay in the update, I was at Carnival in Salvador.

I will continue posting. :D

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Now completely cover with silicone in order to make way for working with fiberglass.

Look who turns into a silicone rubber, made ​​a court order to remove the model that models


A piece of silicon that will be used to make part of fiberglass.


Look how the silicone copied all the details.


Silicon copied everything, the veins of muscle contours. Very good.




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