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PaPang    0

Well, you know what it is to compete in this prestigious contest and run like crazy to finish. I know, it happened to me, hehe. A great experience nonetheless and now you know what to expect for the next one and can tell people what you think about what is needed to come out ahead. I hope they listen to you more because I found out that if a person has "the urge", there is no stopping him/her. I tell them that the first time is ok just to see what it is all about but the second time, it has to be taken seriously. That is, if you don't want to "burn" your nick with a bad project and mod.

I think you agree that, the more prestigious the contest, the better or worst will be more easily remembered. I don't want to be remembered only as "the flying saucer guy" and you the "rivet guy", haha. I preferred not to enter so as not to submit a sub-standard mod. Everyone expects us, if we win, to make an even better mod. I think we should not let them down and also NOT let ourselves do good but mediocre work.

If we are going to help form a new standard for Latin mods, we have to be consistent and push forward toward excellence and creativity. It would be bad if poor Latin mods show up in these type of contest. It would only prove to those that do not have faith in our mods, that they were right all along---that modders in L.A. are not ready for "prime time".

Kudos for the effort, but too bad you did not come out ahead. Don't let the Argos fans down and frustrated/disappointed! It would be good to comment BEFORE the next contest so that we can have a unified criterion.

Cheers and Saludos

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ArgOs    0

I do not want to justify my defeat, but it is true that a little financial help makes a difference, with a little more money and tools, I had not used rivets, if I had welded, or I buyflexible cable to cover the cables. or a pneumatic hinge, or a better power supply, or. ..

The point to my favor is without doubt my case, is one of the most revolutionaries into the tower mod.

Surely the next event will improve many details and I will be fighting for a place with the winners.:)

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