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Modular case would be nice idea...

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footman    0

I'd like to see a more modular approach to cases, not sure if it would be practical in reality, have a site dedicated to cases, where user can pick and choose, how many hot swappable bays he needs, or hard drive cages or 5inch bays and everything can be removed and replaced with couple of levers.

I believe that the drive cage in the 690 can be removed if necessary to give extra space, just expound on this theory, or at the very least add this functionality to other cases.... Perhaps even give the user the ability to move the hard drive cage to the top and 5 inch bays to middle or bottom of case....

Just a thought :-)

How about getting a series of quiet cases designed, with sound dampening material pre-installed , ultra silent fans and fan controller.... perhaps in a range of sizes from sff to full sized tower. I for one am ticked off with the increasing noise from new generation video cards, but want to house my kit in decent sized case that can sit in a bedroom and not wake up the wife when I decide that I want to game at 2.00am....

Quiet fans for your power supplies, 'Silent Pro' is misleading, all the CM power supplies I have owned have been loud at full load....

Finally how about a 'try and buy' scheme, well at least for certain products like power supplies. If they don't satisfy then send them back to CM for refund or at the very least credit, perhaps similar to EVGA's step up program...

Just trying to think outside the box.....

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barbebleu99    1

well i know what you tinking, but i dont know if that is going to work, buy and try.... ... this is not like that that we suppose to work, like you buy some stuff, and oh,, im not happy for the stuff i just brought, i will send it back to CM,,,, well,,,, canot work like that i think otherwise they will lost a looooottt of money, and i also think hat CM is already very good in term of heartsink, computer case, and power supply. if you take your time to compare with other manufacttor

there is not a lof of them that they do buy and try, or try and buy... or no one is doing that atm(evga...).. maybe it could be good. byt for my part, for my company, that would be a bad idea. other company give lifetime warranty on power sypply, some offer 3 to 5 years warranty. but i think that is enough already, you pay 75 to 150 for a good power supply. its gonna work for 5 year (that enough, because in 5 year compurer will be very advance and price never stop to go down they keep a certiain up and down, but never to far away),,,, at least,,,, i hope.... so try and buy = bad idea for myselftinking.

and when you think at silent case, silent fan, silent power syply, you canot have all of them,maybe yes by paying 150 and up for a 1500 w power sypply, depending on what you need caus if you have an 2 x sli cars, water cooling, cooling on your Ram, etc etc 10 fan and up,,,, you shouldn take more than 700 watt to 1000 anyway. of course the more power you use, the more noise its gonna make (depending but its very that)and what about your fan now, yeah if you have more than 12 fan, 8 in upper case 6 in lower case, all runing at miminum,, you will need a converter that will make all of your fan runing at the speed you will set them.... so,,, all of this its not free, and who want to make up to $$$$$ and up to $$$$ some poeple yeah, but some other no. so you want your box without noise... but more fan, run them at the lessss they can run. put a convertor,. etc etc etc, caus a gaming case its not gonna be cool by himself so there is a lot of variant who gonna work in that and that not easy when you build a perfect case to say, this is gonna be noise reduction ... anyway there is too much to say ... :) later

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