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I finally got some time off of the odd shift hours I work and decided to browse the rest of the forums and made it here...

Grump, outstanding work so far!

I've seen some manufacturers offerings of the Wavemaster painted and such but I wasn't very intrigued by their offerings. Your choice of texture and bling looks outstanding however. I believe that's the first I've seen of that type of powder coating although I have seen a similar paint finish by Krylon but I was wondering... Did you polish the aluminum or did you have someone else do it? If you did the work, can you list the steps? The surfboard, toombstone, or whatever CM call it looks very trick!

This weekend I'll begin moving the componets I have in my Wavemaster to the Cavilier T04 case that should be arriving today or tomorrow. The CM 620 model case currently serving as my HTPC will end up on my desk as I prepare the Wavemaster for A64 hardware. While the Wavemaster's on hold, I'll have some time to play with it a little myself so I'll be keeping an eye out on your progress... and no Grump, I promise not to copy unless you and I just end up with the same ideas.

...and I do have a few ideas!

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Grump    0

I am very sorry for not keeping this worklog up to date. I have worked on the project off and on all this time, but I have been so busy with everything else, I just haven't had time to edit images and update the log. My deepest apologies.


In one of my last posts, I showed you how I modified the Real Power 450W. It is a great power supply, but I had a big problem with it and thought I wasn't going to be able to use it. Fortunately, the Cooler Master engineers and the great and wonderful Real Power Project Manager, our very own Titanx, got me a solution.


The problem was the LED fan -- blue is just not in the color scheme. The Real Power worked fine, until I switched the fan out for an orange UV lit fan. The PSU worked, but the fan didn't, for some reason. The problem was the way the power leads were wired. All I had to do was cut the new fan's plug off and solder on the one from the original fan.

'Course, my life has never been as simple as that...


The fan grill makes the unit too thick to get the back cover on...


I had wanted to use the nice "modders mesh" fan grill supplied me, but it was even thicker than the stock grill. I tried going without, but, even with a good wiring job, there's just too much risk in leaving the grill off.

The solution was a grill I found while looking for something else...


It did the trick...


One of the best things about this PSU, not counting that it is as good or better than any 550W + PSU I have ever had (and I always try to buy the best), is this sweet little Watt meter...


Notice, with all my gear, it's still only using just under 200W. And look how pertty it looks in the case...


So, we move forward. The project is almost done. I am discovering that most of the enjoyment I get from computers is doing this kind of thing. The littlest task is a joy to do. I spent a couple hours on the wiring today -- more about that in another post -- and set up my first network a couple of days ago.

Thanks for following along. I'll have another update -- actually a regression session -- very soon. Maybe even this evening. I already edited the images, but I have a short report to write, so this will have to do for now.

Best R'gards,


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Grump    0

Double up time.

As I mentioned before, this is kind of a regression session -- you may have seen the results of some of this work already in past posts. This is how it went.

About a month ago, maybe more, I selected the motherboard I was going to use in this project. I have been using AMD based boards for a couple of years now -- 4 different ones to be exact -- and decided to go back to Intel. I chose an MSI mobo ... wait, how 'bout I just list the hardware this case will house:

MSI 875P NEO-FISR  P4 3.2E GHz 800 FSB 1 MB L2 HT  Kingston KHX3200A2 1 GB

Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM 8 MB Cache SATA 160 GB X2 on SATA RAID 0 w/ Zalman Heat Pipe HDD Coolers

ATI AIW Radeon 9800 Pro  Modified Cooler Master Hyper 6 CPU Cooler  80mm Cooler Master LED fans X3

Modified Sony DVD ±RW DRU-500A  Modified Mitsumi Card Reader/Floppy Drive  Modified Cooler Master WaveMaster Case

Modified Cooler Master Real Power 450W 3.3V=18A - 5V=35A - 12V1=18A - 12V2=16A

The reasons I decided to go back to Intel is because I always had to jump through hoops to get an AMD system up and running smoothly. I never had any problems with any of the Intel systems I had, whether I built them myself, or, in the early days, bought them pre-built. I don't play games (can you say that here???), but I use a number of image editing and web design programs (not that I am very good at any of them) and run some major office apps -- stuff Intel reportedly handles a little better.

I am sure there are some very proficient AMD aficionados out there that can make an AMD system do anything an Intel system can, but I ain't one of those people and believe I am better off with P4.

This will cool just about anything out there, AMD OR Intel:


I did an installation how-to and FAQ for this product HERE. It's a great cooler, but I made it a little better, which you can read about HERE (Quiet That Hyper 6 CPU Cooler).

I ran into a couple problems (as usual) one of the tabs of the retention module hung over the Fan1 header on the mobo...


and the Zalman NB Cooler was a bit too tall and made contact with the CPU cooler...


A little snip here...


... a little snip there...


... butter the CPU...


... and we got power -- LOTS of power...


Note that I changed the fan to a sweet LED model -- from Cooler Master, of course. Quiet AND pertty.

Speakin' of quiet, I found a material that would filter the air coming through those holes in the bottom of my case, and dampen the sound a bit too.


It's what the dirt racers use on their air and oil filters and over their faces inside their face masks. With the oil, it's great for keeping the dirt and dust from the sensitive components of your computer. Well, mine anyway.

I've been doing floor coverings for 33 years, so this was a breeze.




There were a few other things I had to do before hooking up the power to the motherboard. Someone mentioned a while back that I should vinyl dye the try to my Sony DVD recorder...


... so I decided to do that AND take that ugly orange tape off the body and paint the thing instead.

Plug up the holes and mask the parts that shouldn't get painted...


... after the body is painted and dry, mask the whole thing off to dye the drawer.


Of course, the floppy drive/card reader has to be painted -- along with the button and the little door...


... and pretty soon it starts to get that finished look...



It might be difficult to tell here, but the painted optical drive is a heckofa lot better than the taped up drive.


And the motherboard looks good stuffed in there too. But I really like the way the front bays turned out -- then I just go an' cover them all up.



Mod on...

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Mr. Miyagi    2

Awesome job Grump! I really love how it turned out. This is one of my favorite case mods. Are you going to post it on twistedforums?

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Grump    0

I have already posted a few pics of the project on Twisted and I hope to post the finished pictures when it's done. That will be at least another week or 2. 'Course, they could ban me first. ;)


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Grump    0


You'll get to see it up close an' personal on August 9th. I'll be in town from the 8th to the 11th. I could come sooner if you find us a LAN to bust. We could give away some shirts and hats to pretty girls. I got a large Cooler Master t-shirt that won't come close to fittin' me. We should see if a LAN babe would stretch it out for me. ;) I'd take pics to share with the pervs here.


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