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Mr. Miyagi    2

Awesome work Grump! :D I really like the color combo and how you worked through your hdd problems. Cheers!

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Platinum    0

Just stopping in to see my I-TV Show :idea: . Keep it up grump atleast show

Re-Run's for us LOL. keep up the great work see ya around.

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Grump    0

Well, bummer, you guys. I really wanted to post another progress report -- about the optical drive and the Y-E Data 7 in One card reader/floppy, but my computer decided it was too hot and crashed. I had some trouble getting going again and now it's almost 3AM.

I hope you don't mind waiting one more night.


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Platinum    0

Boooooooooo! Cancel the Show then.. :) -(Just Joking)-

It's cool we will be up @ 6AM to wait for your Post :idea: 8)

See you Soon.


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Grump    0

Sorry, you guys. It's been awfully hot here and my computer overheated. I have no air-conditioning and I haven't been shutting it down when I'm gone or go to bed.

Aaaanywhooo, now that my HDDs have a place to call home, let's deal with the optical drive. I've decided I only need one drive to serve my needs. I use an optical drive for backups (but now I'll be using a One-Button Maxtor 250 GB external drive), installing new programs, listening to my favorite music and watching a movie once in a while. I've been using a Sony DRU-500A for a while and am perfectly happy with its quality and performance.


It is kind of ugly though; don't you think? I got the Cooler Master optical drive aluminuminuminum bezel a while back and think it will look a lot better on the front of that drive.

Another drive that will be going in the front of the case is a floppy drive. Well, not just a floppy drive, but a Y-E Data 7-in-1 card reader/floppy drive. This too I have been using for a while and really like it. I have a pocket PC and a digital camera that can utilize the different card slots. And occasionally, a friend will come over needing to take pictures off a memory card and onto a CD -- or the DVD.


Even though these two drives will be behind the door on this case, that door will be opened a lot and it's just gotta be pretty. So...


The card reader front doesn't need any modding except for the paint, so we won't see any more of that for a while. But the DVD bezel needs some work to make the button work. I also want the emergency open hole and the LED activity light to work too.

Mark the exact location of the LED light on the bezel, drill a couple of holes and get out the files.


The biggest problem I face is the tiny little open button and the canyon of emptiness around it. The bezel's button would fall into the drive innards, if I don't find some way to mount it.



Well, since I ain't usin' the Sony drive cover anymore, I might as well recycle it.



The file holds the piece up while the crazy glue dries. The tab of plastic is flexible, so while it holds firmly to the metal protrusion on one side, the tab rests on the button and will depress it when the bezel's button is pushed.

But wait, the bezel button needs to be built up so it sits in a position that looks good. The double-faced foam that comes with the bezel works great for this.


After some adjustments made to both the drive door and the bezel door for a good fit, I glue the bezel door on with silicone adhesive. This stuff is great for things like this and case windows because it's easy to slice through to remove and the excess peels off easily.


After drying over night, I glue the bezel on. The area that gets glue is very thin, but I have faith in the adhesive. Now I have to do something about the noise the drive makes when it powers up and operates. It's not a loud vibration, but it's noise and I want to do what I can to reduce it.

Rubber disks should work well.


After a test fit, it became apparent to me that I would have to secure the rubber disks to the drive so that they would not come off while sliding the drive into the bay. It's a tight fit and the disks would not stay in place even with a little glue. So, I taped them on. The tape seemed to look kinda neat, so I wrapped part of the drive in the orange tape. The top part of the drive, where it's inside the drive cage, is not covered to allow heat to dissipate better.


It turned out pretty good. The emergency hole works too, or you wouldn't have this next picture.


Oops! Details. It's all in the details...


'Til next time.


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Grump    0

Just a couple of small details, but important ones to me.

I've discovered, as I get older, my hearing isn't as good as it once was. Too much rock 'n' roll when I was a kid -- and too many artillery rounds in 'Nam. Anyway, the motherboard beep codes get more sophisticated and I have a hard time hearing them. Of course, the only one I want to hear is the single beep on boot. Unfortunately, it ain't always like that.

The stock location of the system speaker in the Wave Master, as it is in most Cooler Master cases, is near the right center of the bottom panel. Too far away from my wrinkled ears.


I moved it to the front edge of the new acrylic shelf I made to stabilize the HDDs. It sticks over the edge a little so the sound will be a little louder.


With those ventilation holes I drilled to help with the air circulation, I thought the case should sit a little higher to help pull air into the bottom of the case. I took an extra set of case feet and glued them on with the trusty silicone adhesive. I think it'll add just enough space to capture cool air.


I will also install filter material over the ventilation holes to keep out dirt and dust. I found some great stuff that motocross racers use to keep from breathing dust while they race those dirt tracks.

I used to have a nice workshop. I took care of my best friend's rental units just down the street and I used a large garage for my shop. Unfortunately for me, he decided to quit his sail boat trip around the world to get married and moved back here. I was evicted and fired all in one day. Some friend, hu? Well, he did need a place to live -- no place for an ocean-going sail boat here in the mountains.

So, until my own garage is built (by my best friend, the retired building contractor of course), I have to settle for my dining room. My office is just on the other side of that wall.


That's all, just a few miscellaneous pictures and trivial information.


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Ron    1

I've discovered, as I get older, my hearing isn't as good as it once was. Too much rock 'n' roll when I was a kid

I know what you mean Grump.....

But I could not find a speaker from 1000W to fit in a case :wink:

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Grump    0

More work on the project:

I am privileged to have one of the very few Cooler Master Real Power 450W power supplies for testing. It promises to be an impressive new entry into the power supply field and I am happy to put it through its paces.


Of course, the die-hard modder that I am, I am NOT content to leave it stock -- at least not in appearance. I think there's a rule someplace that says I have to mod ever'thing. ;)

That nice little voltage display is really trick, but it just doesn't match the color theme of my case. I had the thing tore apart before I could get a picture of the process, but it wasn't difficult to do -- no tools, 3 pieces and it's disassembled. It's that little dial that I want to keep -- and put it in a more appropriate housing.


I use the original as a template, find the center and mark the position. Masking tape will keep me from screwing up the finish on the drive bay cover.


A jigsaw is usually my cutting tool of choice, but this is the kind of situation where a rotary tool, like the Dremel, is more appropriate. The piece is just too small to use a jigsaw safely on.


This is the kind of mod that you really have to be careful of. It's not that it's all that hard to do, but this particular piece, the voltage display, has no edge to hide the cut with. And if I was even a little bit off center, it would show. So, I took lots of measurements as I filed, keeping the opening centered on the drive cover, and did many, many trial fits before I was satisfied.




I have one more thing I want to put in the upper drive bays:


Oops! It seems these things just fall apart all by themselves, ready to mod. :lol:


I'm really not doing much to this item, just changing the color of the faceplate. The original is clear, but it also has all the printed labels on it that I can't duplicate. I found a good solution though -- film lighting gel. It's about five and a half bucks at and I bought several different colors for other projects. The sheets are nearly 2 foot square and I only needed a very small piece, but this is modding.


This stuff is unbelievably hard to cut. It cuts fine in a straight line, but cutting out those circles and the screw and button holes was a...

But worth it:



I had the backplane/motherboard tray powder coated and painted the... whataya call that deely-bob? Anyway...


I assembled it and mounted the fan and the Grump Grill on both sides.


But when I took it for a test drive...


It's always somethin'. Well, I had to trim a little off the side and the screw tabs. I also discovered that the fan silencer -- a square of silicone rubber that fits around the front of the fan like a girly-sock (you know, them short socks people wear with sportswear) -- it stuck out too far as well.

So, I get to filin' on the grill and tryin' ta make it fit and look good too, and could see I was gonna have to do something about that dull look of the back grill too.


I commenced to filing the burrs from water cutting, sanding and then polishing the heck outa them things. I even decided to sweeten up the cap screws.


I replaced the fan silencer with rubber washers, even added them as spacers to set the grill off from the backplane to add dimension to it. Now it will be pretty and silent. Again, worth the effort.


I'm still waiting on a few parts, one being a more appropriate fan for the PSU -- can't have a blue fan with all that orange, yellow and green, can we? ;)

Stay tuned.


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