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Cool Master HAF 942

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Suggestions for the Cool Master HAF 942 (sorry for the dup post, I just found the suggestion area)

I really like the case but I'm greatly disappointed by the amount of space wasted in the bay area. Except for a Blue-ray drive in the top bay all other positions will be occupied by 3.5" drives. There is a huge amount of space between each drive. Does CM have other bay racks that I can utilize that does not waste the space. I currently have a smaller tower with 12 3.5" drives installed, I've modified the case to accept 3-120mm fans in the front grill area. I monitor the temperature of all of my drives in the smaller tower and the hottest drive is only 88 degrees F. Anything under 100 is acceptable thus this is outstanding. The same could be easily accomplished in the Cool Master HAF 942 case and allow me to install several more drives. I will be installing a 3ware 8-port RAID card thereby 8 of the current positions will be used for the RAID array, this leaves me with only two other positions for hard drives and I need space for more drives.

I'd suggest the top rack to be limited to one 5.25 bay and facing forward. The bottom rack would face left as the current rack does, the space between the drives be limited to 3/14 to 1/4 inches thus allowing several more 3.5 inch devices to be installed. A second 230mm fan should be installed in the front grid area. The two front 230mm fans would provide more than enough air for cooling. Furthermore the drive rack air holes should be enlarged to allow for better air movement.

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