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HAF 932 fan connections - confused

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brianz    0

This is my first build, and I am having trouble figuring out how to connect the HAF 932's four case fans to my Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard and/or power supply. The fans have 3-pin connectors as well as 4-pin molex adapters.

Three of the fans are 230mm x 30mm, with one also including the LED. The fourth fan is 140 mm x 25 mm.

Since the Asus board has only three chassis fan connectors, one fan has to go directly to the power supply.

1) Which fan should I connect directly to the power supply, bypassing the motherboard? The 230x30 with the LED, since it consumes the most power? Of course I'd give up fan control via the Asus utilities.

2) On the motherboard, two of the fan connections have three pins, while the other fan connection has four pins. The three-pin connections are for:




The four pin connection is for:





So, if I plug the front 230x30mm with LED into the power supply, that leaves me with two 230x30 fans and a 140x25 fan to connect to the motherboard, and I don't understand the difference between the three-pin and four-pin connections in terms of where to put the remaining fans.

Can anybody please help me out? I'm actually finding this to be the most vexing problem of the entire build... everything else is basically done.



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They all have molex adapters, so you can either connect them to the power supply or motherboard. It is recommended that you connect them to the motherboard, if you can't, then connect as much as you can to the motherboard and the rest to the power supply. If connected to the power supply, the fan will run at 100%, if connected to the motherboard, they will be ruled by temperature.

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Delusion77    0

All the fans are super quiet, so you dont need the motherboard to slow down the big 230mms or the 140 for that matter. Id connect which ever fan is farthest away from ur motherboards fan header to the PSU .

Just cheking your board VS mine (the original p6t dlx) as I have all my HAF connectors on the mobo- you have enough headers on the mobo. There are 5 in total, 1 CPU 4pin PWM , 1 Chassis 4pin PWM, 2 Chassis 3pin, and 1 PWR 3 pin. You can connect the case fans to any but the CPU PWM(well technically you can, but its meant for the CPU HSF). the chassis 4pin accepts 3 pin aswell, the PWR connector does not support voltage control

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