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HD5k coolers

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AzureSky    0

I have a HD5770 videocard, and alot of my friends have 5770 or 5800 cards, we have all been watching for decent priced fairly easy to install coolers for these cards, The problem is that older coolers all need moded to make them fit, the chips closer to the slot plate then they have been in the past, I had considered trying a cheap Cooler Master CoolVivaZ1 from geeks, but im not sure it would fit, or would really be safe on these chips(dont want to damage the gfx core after all.)

I linked some of CM's older video card coolers, Infact I still have a larger CM videocard cooler that if given proper mounting hardware would likely work wonderfully on the 5k cards the cool vita pro (tho if it could be re-designed to be a bit thinner so it only made the card dual slot and had a dust filter that would be wonderfull!!!)

Just a request, I have some ideas of ways a removeable cleanable air filter could be put over the fan without making it impede airflow to horribly, I live if a fairly dusty enviroment, even with air filters going 24/7 I still have to clean my system with compressed air at least once a month :/

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