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Bugs Bunny

Grounding question storm scout

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Bugs Bunny    0

Hi. i'm new to the cooler master forums, I did a little bit of searching but could not find the answer to my question so I hope you don't mind if I ask here.

I'm about to build a new system from scratch and I was looking for some advice considering grounding. I have an antistatic mat and straps and the way I was taught to use them was to plug both into ground.

Now my problem: I checked all my wall outlets at home and they are properly wired (ground works), but when I take off the alligator clips on the strap/mat and stick them in the ground they have a very loose fit so i'm not sure if they are connected properly. I'm not even sure if they're supposed to go into ground this way since we had these special workbenches we could just plug them into in the course I took.

Some people I asked suggested I should just touch an unpainted part of my case and not worry about using antistatic equipment (or just attach wrist strap to unpainted part). The problem there is I chose a cooler master storm scout for my build and correct me if i'm wrong, but I cannot find any unpainted part on the interior.

What can I do to ground myself and/or my case?

I was thinking for the case would this work: screw in the new psu first, connect to wall and leave off/not connected to any hardware until everything is in (the screws it came with seem dark and the psu is painted too so i'm not sure if that would be a problem or not)

Thanks for reading, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Mr. Miyagi    2

Of all the systems that I've worked on (over a couple thousand for a number of school systems) I've never had a problem with static. Just make sure you touch and unpainted part of the chassis or the PSU to ground your self and you should be good. If you're really cautious, try not to work on carpet.

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EsaT    0
touch and unpainted part of the chassis or the PSU to ground your self
That does the grounding only if PSU is plugged to grounded outlet or case is on surface which is grounded. Otherwise PSU's casing and chassis is just floating at some unknown potential.

But equalizing potential between chassis and you directly is still better than equalizing it through component you're installing when it touches components inside chassis.

Also lot depends on water content of air because humid air makes any static charges to disperse by itself while in dry environment static charges can easily built up to very high levels.

(nice when taking sweater of keeps zapping you to ears, you could actually notice those sparks in dark)

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