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New range of watercooling products..

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footman    0

Kudos to Coolermaster for bringing to market the Aquagate Mini 80 and 120 before the likes of CoolIt and Corsair got to market the idea. Shame that a brilliant concept was let down by substandard waterblocks....

I have tried a number of Coolermaster cooling products over the last few years including the Aquagate and the Aquagate Mini 120 but got better performance and quieter performance from their air coolers like the V8 and the Hyper 212.

There are two reasons to bother with watercooling IMO

1, it's quieter than air cooling and/or

2,it's more efficient and provides better cooling.

These are not mutually exclusive, unfortunately the water cooling products from Coolermaster did not work as well as their air cooling products. I blame the waterblocks (and to a lesser degree the strength of the pump).

I'd like to see new watercooling products, kits or all in one's but with decent blocks incorporated. I would be prepared to pay more for a decent waterblock.

Even better, look to bring to market Computer cases with integrated watercooling already installed, or bring out tailored kits for some of your more popular cases like the HAF 932 or the 690 II.....

Just my thoughts for what its worth.....

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Creech    0

I agree. I have used the aquagate max and it is a good, easy to use system that is quieter and cools better than any air cooler out there.

It would be nice to have an update to the aquagate series.

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Dobrinhrkr    0

Well guys i saw couple of times cm liquid coolers.

Aquagate mini 80/120 are normal products. Same as H50 and CoolIT ECO A.L.C and DOMINO A.L.C.

Aquagate Max is totally different story. Very good product that give u chance to modify and upgrade it.

When i saw for first time this system i was in love. Pity that i couldn't afford it.

And for those reasons i want to see new cm luquid cooler.

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