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HAF 922 Side Panel fan.

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paultje162    0

hello all!

i have a question,

I have the side panel fan om my haf 922 installed but after a week my pc whas already full of dust.

can i also use the fan as outtake fan?



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gfong    0

Hi, first post! HAF 922 owner as well.

I had 2 120mm's on the side and it was too noisy and dusty. I then put one as an exhaust on the bottom and left the the side fan as an intake. The combination of the holes and the rpm of the fan was making too much noise so I took it off of the door. The fan was fine if I moved it out a cm but was not good being pressed against the side like it was.

I am ordering a the stock 200mm fan for the side to use as an intake as I know the rpm will be lower than the Coolermaster 120mm that I was using on the side. Fingers crossed that a larger fan on the side and the 120mm as an exhaust on the bottom will keep the dust down.

Will update once the side fan comes in.

Updated: CoolerMaster (R4-LUS-07AR-GP) Mega Flow 200mm Red LED Side fan. Works great and is very silent.

I have 5 CoolerMaster fans in total, (plus one on the cpu cooler) :)

200 mm intake front (stock)

200 mm side intake

200 mm top exhaust )stock)

120mm exhaust bottom,

120 mm exhaust rear (stock)



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