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HAF 932 AMD Edition (AM-932) side panel

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cesthree    0

What would be great is to not etch the window with the dragon.

Would you get in touch with your manufacturer and ask them to make a run that didn't etch the logo into the glass? It would save manufacturing costs.

I would be willing to bet that you wouldn't be able to keep the AMD edition style side panels in stock, especially without the design etched in them.

Think about it. You could sell more cases having the Intel Edition, AMD Edition, Blue Edition, and also have spare parts that have a CLEAR FULL window panel, an AMD Edition window panel, and how about an INTEL Edition window panel?

Isn't this the world's best selling case? People would go stupid to get those side panels. Especially if you sold them at $20 like you do now.

I got my AMD Edition side panel with luck. A member over at [Hard] Forums wanted the side panel that I have on my HAF 932 (the original), and I wanted the AMD Edition side panel. We cross-shipped, exchanged heat, and both of us shipped the same day. Now all I have to do is get a new piece of Plexi-Glass or something and I don't have to Dremel or cut my old side panel. Done.

Anyhow, that's my two cents, and the only reason I registered here. Well and to ask for future releases of the HAF 932 to be fully painted black, inside and out. Thanks!

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D0U8L3M    0

Well its mid march any word yet?? Im really looking forward to gettin one of looks like the plexi is just held on there with those plastic things like the one on the regular panel...if so im just gonna pop it out put a new peice of plexi in there and cut a hole out for the big fan =D

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