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CM 4-3 Module - The ideal storage solution?

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merovingian    0

4-3 Module as the ideal data center storage solution? Maybe, but what about the blue LED's?

I'm building a storage server and storing hard drives in enterprise storage cases can get very pricy. Here is a 9U rack from chenbro that houses 50 hard drives...


Sexy, hot swappable and $4,000, ouch! The 4 in 3 modules on the other hand can keep your hard working drives nice and cool and can be had at newegg for less than $25 each making it a 10th of the cost of the chenbro solution for the same number of hard drives. Frankly, I can't find a cheaper way to do this anywhere and 4 in 1 modules are far easier to move around than a 9U data server chassis full of drives.

I love these things and they look great in a silver stacker 830...


So, I'm going 36 1.5 TB hard drives. 12 will be in the stacker itself and an additional 24 in these little 4 in 1 modules. My question is this, since I'm going to be running a ton of these things and I don't want my server room to look like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I was wondering if anyone has disabled the blue LED's that come with it (is it easy to do? cause I would need to do 9 of these) or if the old "legacy" versions are still available from CM. Thanks for the help. :D

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