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Several questions about my Cooler Master Products.

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quaddragon    0

I was thinking about the V10 in my CM Scout Case but with all the bad TECs that have been turning up and the weight issue being 1200 grams, I am considering going for the V8 instead.

I do a bit of Lan Gaming and I will be moving my PC about every 2 weeks. Even as careful as I am, I think the V10 will be too heavy and break the motherboard. I have ordered the retention bracket for the socket 1156 MSI P55-GD65 motherboard to mount either a V10 or a V8 from Coolermaster.NL . Any clue as to how long it will take to ship to Tennessee in the US? I don't think there will be any clearance issues with the V8 or the V10 on that particular motherboard / case though if so It would be good to know. Wow I seem to be ramblin. Let me break it down a bit. Below is my system specs.

MSI P55-GD65 motherboard rev 1.0 - I7 socket 1156 860 @ stock 2.8GHZ - Coolermaster TX3 - 4 gigs Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000 MHZ 8-8-8-24 1.65 volt memory -Sound Blaster X-fi titanium pro - 2 x 1TB western digital Caviar Black 32 Sata 2 hard drives - Lite on 20x DVD burner- Enermax 1050 Revolution PS - ATI 4870 X2 x 2 - Coolermaster Storm Scout Case - Samsung 46 inch LED back-lit TV LNT4681F @ 1920 x 1080 - Windows 7 Ultimate RTM. - Onkyo 706 w 7.1 Energy C-300 5.0 Sub is BIC Acoustech VK-12

1. Are there any clearence issues with the V8 or V10 with the Coolermaster Scout case?

2. If I decide to go with the V10, will I have any issues with clearance for my Patriot Viper II DDR3 2000 Ram? (the ram sinks are pretty tall)

3. Any clue as to how long it takes to get a cpu bolt through kit shipped from to the States?

4. Is the V10 too big to be practical for a Lan gamer weight wise? will it break the motherboard?

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1. There are some issues with the top fan on the side panel, but you can still use the bottom for the video cards.

2. You may have some issues, for scaling ideas look at the dominator heatsinks/corsair xms 3 as your max size for heatsinks.

3. No need you can purchase it on our store now: ... cts_id=391

4. I wouldn't recommend it for a lan case. However the purpose of a backplate is to provide support for the heatsink on top of the motherboard.

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cmyers    0

I don't know. I have both the V10 and the V8....and have lan'd with both. As long as your careful and use the backplate, it shouldnt be to much of an issue.

As for the V10 TEC issue.... I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for a TEC. *But* it does make an awesome air cooler. I was a beta tester for the V10 and my TEC didn't work out of the box....but I still use it over my ZALMAN CNPS9700. It still makes a helluva air cooler. But then again, I didn't pay for Idk. If you could get one with a working TEC, I would say yes.... but otherwise, there are plenty of air coolers that perform on par or better for cheaper.

Good luck, mate.

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