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Silent Pro series

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aSASa    0

I just wanted to thank Cooler Master for making the first silent PSU that I've used that does NOT squeal or make significant buzzing under loads.

I've been using a 5 year old enermax PSU for.. well, 5 years because its the only one I could find that didn't squeal.

I've tried Zalman, OCZ, Antec, Corsair, Silverstone - All squealed.

No more migraines from those [ Literally, within a minute, the noise would give me a migraine ].

So, if anyone has buzzing or squealing under high-fps 3d activity, try this! GREAT PSU! TY COOLER MASTER! :D

Note: @ 400FPS+, it makes the slightest, nearly inaudible, buzzing.. but, its so light and quiet I don't care. A slight bit of squealing is noticed at <25W loads, but.. I don't see anyone getting there without forcing it. And again, its very quiet anyway.

Some things that could use improvement would be cable length + anti-vibration pads, though. I can not do any cable management do to the extremely short cables. The anti-vibration pads took me about 15 mins to put on. [ Why not give them their own very small screws? ]

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boredgunner    0

My Real Power Pro 650W never squealed either, and it's even higher quality than the Silent Pro M line. My old (crappy) OCZ StealthXStream was very silent, just as quiet as the Real Power Pro 650W. My current Antec TruePower New 750W has a PWM 120mm fan. Under load it does not squeal, but OH BOY IS IT LOUD. I thought PWM fans are supposed to be quieter, lol.

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