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MonsterMawd    36

This method can be combined with 4.5" flexible tubing to isolate cool airflow. Imagine one end of the tube attached to a 120mm cooling fan in front of your case.

The 4.5" Flexible tubing can be found at Mcmaster, or you can "try" the "Heating & Cooling" department at hardware or home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Supplies & Tools:

120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill,

4.5" fan duct,

4, #10 x 5/8" fan screws,">#10 x 5/8" fan screws

120mm cooling fan.

Paint pen or pencil.

Tin snips.

Wire cutter.

120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill,


4.5" fan duct,



Using a paint pen to trace the duct onto the round mesh grill.


a small wire cutter and Tin snips used to cut the 4.5" opening in the 120mm Modder's Mesh Round fan grill


You'll need to use the small wire cutter first, to make the initial cut before you can use the Tin Snips to cut the 4.5" hole.


Using Tin ship to cut the round mesh grill.


The result of you cutting should look like this.



120mm cooling fan. This fan has enclosed corners, you will need longer fan screws if you're mounting the fan onto something like a cpu cooler.


4,, #10 x 5/8" fan screws




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MonsterMawd    36

The transformation from pristine to weathered and dilapidated. He starts by creating the illusion of a scratched-up exterior, imagine Christopher dragged his computer in the gravel. Did he have to wrestle it away from somebody at one time?

The Orange & White exterior finish has been scratched done to the bare metal. This is done by hand using enamel "One Shot" Silver paint and a paint brush.




Notice the paint is chipped around the bullet holes.


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