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Project "COOL" V2 resurrected !!!!!

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jj_sky5000    0

I was sitting at my desk surfing the web when I came across the Cooler Master casemod contest page. Wow that’s neat. look at all those awesome mod projects. Hmmmm wish I had something to mod. ohhh what’s this on top of my shelf my 1990 (nonworking) Boombox . 3880949633_fbd31886ff.jpg

Maybe I could sell it and get some money too make a Mod. It was in the movie "House Party" with Kid & Play back in the 90's Look in the background

Lets put it on eBay. Lets see how much one of these go for. Well after more research on eBay I found out that, My boom box will sell for any where between $200 to $1000. It was a collectors items. WOW I cant sell that. So I will just have to update it a little. Put some newer technology in . A duel loop I7 -965 with a pair of 280 gtx's with 7.1 surround sound that should work. But can i get everything to fit. "Sure I can" I don’t think I will be able to put it on my shoulder through.

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jj_sky5000    0


Let crack it open and see whast inside


wow thats a lot of stuff.

lets take it all out


a little more




I wonder how big those speaker holes are 190mm how am i going to fill that up. How about a pair of cooler Master 200mm fans that should work.

Lets see what i have laying around to work with.



Well I better start cutting with the dremel.

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PaPang    0

Could be a cool "object" mod entry in the "unique" category. It looks large so you should cram MAYBE a mAtx mobo into it, but wow, those mods take a lot time and planning, not to sure you could make it for Sept 20 , unless you have already advanced on it. Would be a welcome addition for sure.

Cheers and Saludos

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petoscal    0

This mod looks good from the beginning, let's see what happend, the hardware looks nice too.

I hope you can finish it on time.

Cheers! :cheers:

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jj_sky5000    0

09/03/09 update fans installed and working


making it a little bigger


Cutting on side of the mounts off to fit in the cutouts


Mounted using bolts to the existing holes



add my new fan grills(speaker covers) back on


still a nice clean look in the front


tested and works.

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