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High pitched noise from RP-600-PCAR 600W PSU

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romit    0

Hi guys.

The 600W PSU (RP-600-PCAR) replacement I got after 30 days from RMA, is producing a constant, droning, high pitched noise, enough to cause migraines. I don't want to RMA it again and wait for another 30 days because of the slow, poor & inefficient CM after-sales service in Kolkata (India).

Can you give me the specs of the fan inside the PSU?

Can I replace the PSU fan with :

a) R4-S2S-124K-GP silent fan - 1200RPM 44.73CFM (I've with me)


B)R4-L2R-20CK-GP 2000RPM 90CFM (Don't want to buy!)?

(won't void the warranty because the replacement I got has all the stickers/seals broken already)

Please help!

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First up: you say all the stickers / seals are broken & thus it won't void the warranty?

Without full knowledge of the RMA to which I am not privvy to, I cannot really comment on the broken seals etc.

However, as with any product from any company (talking PSU's) swapping out the fan youself does indeed mess with your warranty.

It would surely be concidered as a modification, seals broken or not.

I would at least contact customer support with what you are proposing to do, giving them background on your RMA, the fact that the seals are broken on the unit you received & the 'noise' to which you are trying to remedy.

At least this way they can tell you if what you are doing to save further RMA-ing of the unit will or will not cause problems with the warranty.

I'd not just assume that it is OK.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Secondly: the high pitched noise...

You describe it as a droning / high pitched noise.

Do you think it is a bearing problem or could it be the fan is just runing at full throttle (pushing a lot of air constantly)?

I had a problem like this with another brand's PSU, it was new in the box, the problem was caused by as I asked above, the fan running at full power as the PSU was at it's limit (I was drawing the max, thus it was hotter than heck 24/7).

The noise was the air being forced through a 'honeycomb' grill.

I had two choices, buy a higher rated PSU, remove a few items that were causing such a high draw.

I am not saying that this is your porblem, but have you checked how much load you are putting on the PSU?

You may not even be close to pushing the psu to it's limit but you might be drawing too much on one rail causing the same effect.

kvoong825 posted a link to the CoolerMaster PSU calculator in another thread a few days ago.

I'd check first to see if you are running at full draw as no matter what fan you pop in there you may end up with the same problem if full draw is the issue.

The calculator can be found here:

Have a look at the calculator, let me know what kind of draw you are putting on the PSU / what the calculator suggests for the equipment you are using.


As for the fan you have at hand, 44.73 CFM...

IMHO that is OK in some heatsink & fan combos, in fact up until a few years ago before CPU's started to become 'Hotter' due to higher speeds, 44 / 45 CFM was the ideal for heatsinks, nowadays we tend to see higher CFM fans in heatsink/fan combos.

Is it enough CFM for a 600wt power supply?... again support would be the people to tell you.

If your psu over heats or fails it may actually take a bunch of other components with it, do you want to risk that?

The other thing with PSUs that the average person who opens them up tends to forget is that even when unplugged it can hold enough of a charge to KILL you!!!

I have mentioned support a few times, I really think that you should contact them, it isn't worth risking damage to your PC, to the PSU & of course the risk of severe damage to yourself.

They may even suggest using a coolermaster certified PC store to swap out the fan for you if indeed it is the fan at fault, that would be a lot safer than doing it yourself & at least you would know that it would have a correctly rated fan installed.

I understand your need to have this dealt with quickly, that you have already RMA'd the PSU, it still isn't worth the risks involved or possibly voiding all warranties without speaking to somebody in support.

The above may not be the answers you were looking for but it is the best advice that I can offer you at present.

Let me know what the calculator says & also what support tells you to do.

Dr. T

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