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Buzzing noise from 600 watt igreen PSU

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NewFaith    0

I have noticed that ingames, my PSU seems to make a buzzing noise obviously the buzzing noise is happening when the PSu is being stressed, just not sure why :S MY Gpu is a GTX260 and the PSU is about 6 months old.

Any ideas?

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aSASa    0

Very common problem. I've had many in the past year and heres how it all works out:

Original Enermax 535W thats about 3 years old makes no buzzing or squealing no matter what, just semi-loud fans.

Zalman 850W Squeals and buzzes under load

Silverstone ST70F x 2 both have rattling fans and extremely light squealing

Corsair HX620W squeals

Seasonic M12 + M12D + S12 squeal

I've been trying to find one that doesnt make those noises and it seems like my efforts are futile. Do not RMA the PSU like coolermaster or any other brand would tell you to do. Its likely its just the common defect 99% of PSUs have.

Silverstone was kind enough to tell me it was some component that switches during load changes does this. So when you have a good computer like yours and get very high FPS in games, that current changes so rapidly that it produces a squeal. The Silverstone Strider series apparently reduces this by slowing the response time, but of course the power isn't as clean - or something like that.

Zalman simply told me "The issue is know at ZALMAN, but I do not know the policy terms when the fix is implemented."

I didn't bother to talk to Corsair. All they tell customers to do is RMA.. and some do it 3 or more times.


Some people report getting noise after getting new CPU, some after new GPU, and some get rid of the noise by getting new GPUs. It seems the CPU and GPU are the biggest problem for the PSU. 8800GTS 512 + GTX 260 216 both make the noise for me though :(.

Good luck and if you find one that doesn't squeal, please tell me!

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