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Cooling Competition @ Buddha's LAN Room to win Hyper 48

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Buddha    0
well holy :), you found the November competition, proudly sponsored by Cooler Master.

this time around, we're going to chillax a bit and have more fun. that doesn't mean the prize isn't any less cool though.

for this month, you're playing for a Hyper 48!

so seeing as it's all about cooling, i thought we'd have some fun with the concept of cooling without having to do any actual hand's on work.

that's right... what i'm looking for is conceptual... as in a sketch, digital animation or image, whatever. you don't actually have to put anything together here, except in your minds.

so here it is....

design what you think would be the best cooling solution!

now, seeing as we're having fun here, the laws of physics need not apply. let your imagination go wild and draw me a picture of an uber-cooled box! it can be real, it can be imaginary. use a pencil and lined paper, or photoshop it for all i care. just have fun with it.

write out the computer's specs (extra points here to those who can build a killer rig... but this has to be real... link to the actual parts), then show us your killer cooling solution, and then explain how it works and why it would work best.

remember... we're just flying by the seats of our pants on this one, so reality need not apply... but your explanation has be be believable... think star trek and you'll get my drift. (and no, i'm not a star trek geek.)

as with the October competition, feel free to enter as many times as you would like. there will also be minor prizes for runner-ups.

same rules as last time apply... if you have not already signed up at the Cooler Master forum and for the newsletter, you will need to do so. no posting requirements needed. a new thread for each entry and use attachments only.

that's it.

go wild boys!

click here to check it out. should be a blast... i've been getting PMs letting me know some of their plans... tons of fun.

great prize and how often can you say that your doodles might win you a Hyper 48?!?

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