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Silent Mid Tower

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aSASa    0

I'm hoping you're planning a new silent mid tower because this Stacker 830 isn't doing it for me. ( Too large to transport )

Some things I'd like to see:

-Wide enough for large heatsinks [ Wider than the P183 ]

-Sound dampening material on as many sides as possible

-No side window, ventilation, or fans.

-All steel construction ( Not aluminum )

-No 230/220/200mm fans

-1/2x front, 1x rear, 2x top fans [120mm] with 3 pin connectors

-Fan controller on front hub [ 500RPM low, 800RPM mid, 1200rpm high ]

-Sound blockers [ Like the ATSC 840 with the metal on the front, or the P193 with the cover on the side ] on top and front

-Removable mobo tray with good cable management


-Priced under $200, hopefully around $150

-Door on front to further deflect noise if there is no cover for front fan

-Black interior and exterior

-No LEDs

-Stacker 830-like side panels? I love the design of them and how they stick out in the rear-but this might cause vibration

-Rubber feet

-Sound dampened hard drive bay [ Soft rubber, no plastic or metal mounting ]

Cover: a2.jpg

Possible? Any plans? The Sileo is decent but with so much plastic and thin side panels its not gonna work for me.

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Icejon    0

The Sileo have pretty thick side panels out of steel and plus you have to count that all 4 panels are insulated rather than 2 of competitors. They also include 120mm 800rpm 17dba fans. All the other things on your list are modifiable.

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aSASa    0

I've already looked at it and although its nice, and comes with a very nice price, its not enough. Again, I want ALL steel. I just wont dare buy anything with that much plastic. Again, great case, but its not for me.

Thats a cheap silent case, I want a high end silent case.

I don't want to modify things.

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boredgunner    0

The Storm Sniper seems close to what you want. It has blue LEDs but they can be disabled via fan controller. Of course you can never get exactly what you want, but it is as close as you can get.

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