Would you buy 200-230mm Cooler Master intake filters

Would you buy 200-230mm intake filters  

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  1. 1. Would you buy 200-230mm intake filters

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murky44    0

I would LOVE fan filters (for my HAF 932), as well as a lot of other people I think. I'm on a lot of forums, and there's always people complaining about dust problems, and always speculating on whether to get a HAF 932 or not because they don't want to clean it out so often. I really hope they get released as I think it's a great idea, especially if they really do decrease air movement by a mere 3 CFM.

And I don't think this idea is getting enough exposure. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE w/ a HAF would like to voice out their desire for some of these, not just those in these forums.

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19NAM69    0

I would buy these as soon as they are skued at NCIX in BC Canada. The HAF 932 would still be the Leader in airflow with a 3% reduction!!!!

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Zurthor    0

Its not 3% its 3CFM lose. Big difference. I too would buy these for my HAF932 if the price is reasonable at NCIX.

I know most 120mm dust filters are around $3.

I know it will help cut down on some of the dust, but dust will still find a way into the case.

Will it be like these kinds of filters.


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Hannah06    0
When we introduced the HAF series we focused on high airflow, and to make that happen we had to omit fan filters on the intakes. As all of you know, filters reduce the CFM and reduce airflow. Trolling the web forums and the like, It seems the HAF series and other cases #2 complaint is that there is no dust control in the HAF series. Some people were resorting to use women's underwear as simple filters.

We at Cooler Master need you opinions on a exciting new accessory: HAF 200-230mm intake filters. We need to know if there is enough market here so we can introduce this product in the USA as most of the research and development has already been completed. Props to the first person who posts a picture of a panty hose filter.

Here are the details:

High airflow engineering only 3 CFM reduction in airflow

Universal mount for 230mm fans and 200mm fans

Compatibility with ATCS 840, HAF 932, HAF 922, Cosmos S, CM Storm Sniper

Material plastic and micro mesh

Screw on design

MSRP TBA depending on feedback here

Can you explain further what's that HAF all about?

Hope you can!By the way, thanks for the info.



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Dragan    0

Yes the missing dustfilters in the HAF 932 are the biggest reason I have always been more interested in buying the ATCS840 case. I still cannot believe that CM made such a huge design flaw by leaving out the dustfilters on the HAF 932 in the first place, and even worse (many reviews later in which this design flaw has been mentioned time and time again) leaving them out AGAIN in the only recently released HAF 922. If the HAF 932 would have had dustfilters I probably would have bought one, as it is, I'm now still waiting for CM to release the all black version of the ATCS 840 (IMO, another CM blunder to not release an all-black version right away, it's one of their top models). Still, it would be great if these dustfilters finally came available to HAF 932 owners so they don't have to mess around with ladies' underwear in their computers! Anyway, CM builds great cases for fair prices.

What about releasing a revised "HAF 932 V2" case which would have:

1. an all-black interior and backside

2. easy removable and washable dustfilters on all intake fans

3. a less powerful power LED

4. USB ports on the frontside that are NOT upside-down!

(5. and personally: a side window without the ugly criss-cross stripes)

A HAF V2 like that would make me reconsider buying the ATCS840.

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nuance    0
If the the HAF had filters I would probably have bought that instead of the 840. Now I'm looking to buy a HAF 922, but the only thing that will keep me from buying is no air filters.

If the HAF 922 is still scheduled for release on May 12th, I may still buy one on Friday depending on Neweggs combo/shipping pricing. But I would definitely pay and extra $5 each for filters.

+1. The only thing that stopped me from getting the HAF 932 was the lack of dust filters. If they will be offered as a separate purchase, I'll order one for sure, and this will instantly become the best case available for airflow and dust prevention in my opinion. Woohoo! :cheers:

PLEASE release them!

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