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90 CFM Blue LED Silent Fan 120mm (R4-L2R-20CK-GP)

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Mysteoa    0

Hi,I saw that you ware discussing the same fan that I have. My fan recently started to be little noisy . So I tried to put some oil but I couldn't find from where. Does someone know how to do it or to remove the blade? And another question. Is it possible to change the led because it's not working?

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dusters16    0

Are all the these R4 fans supposed to be the same in specifications?

Smoked (69 cfm) ... ct_id=2916

Blue (69 cfm) ... ct_id=2915

Green (90 cfm) ... ct_id=2914

Red (90 cfm) ... ct_id=2913

If they are, can they be updated to reflect the same specifications?

I would like to get the Blue LED fan, but am unsure about the CFMs

Also, does CM make any 120mm fans that have a 4pin PWM (cpu fan)? I would like to replace the CM V8's fan with another PWM fan that has Blue LEDs.

so far I have found this one ... s_id=27555

And here's my case, an Antec 1200 with 7x 1200mm Antec Tricool Blue LED fans, a 200mm top exhaust and the V8's 120mm.


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