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i have some questions about the aquagate max, please helpp

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vinny    0

im reading how people are getting all of those wonderful temps with thier aquagate cooling system and i just bought one and all my temp are the same and im getting blue screens everytime i try to are my specs and a pic of my rig

asus rampage extream

intel q9650

ati 4870 x2

tagan 1100w psu

xfi fatal1ty pcie

LG bluray rom

6gb corsair memory


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BrettWms    0

It sounds as if there's not complete contact between the CPU and the block. Try removing it and look at what the Thermal Interface Material (TIM or 'goop') looks like on the cpu and the block.. If it's all spread out, then just make sure you followed the directions on how tight to make the screws.

Also, make sure you're not using too much goop. Some people (myself included) spread it out so it's a thin laywer between the CPU and the block. Others put a little tiny blob of goop in the middle of the cpu. I like the previous method, as it makes it uniform and seems to have less bubbles.

Make sure you have the water flow directions correct as well.

Let us know what you find out.

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jbjtkbw00    0

I had an Aquagate Max in my last build. I'd ask for a better resolution albeit smaller pic so that we can see the tubing and the flow, just in case there's a problem like BrettWms stated.

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