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My Cosmos S/1000 build

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dubzhouse    0

Here is what my computer looks like at the moment. (It gives a new meaning to the word "desktop")


This is my first major mod that i have ever done so it may not look the best but it is something that i have always wanted and liked. I took the things i liked about the Cosmos S and Cosmos 1000 and combined them into one case so i could have the case i always wanted since seeing both cases. My plan was to take the hard drive assembly out of the 1000 and plant it into the Cosmos S and that turned out to be even more difficult than i originally thought. If your wondering why i didn't just buy the 1000 and put a triple rad up top it was because i like the outside look of the S and wanted that look on the outside but wanted the HD look on the inside. My plan is to paint the inside of the case a glossy black and use blue coolant to give it a nice bright look. I dunno how that will look but hopefully it comes out like i plan.

Some parts i am using.


Now for the cases.



I should have taken some pictures of the 1000 all torn apart but i spaced it and took some of the S somewhat torn apart to the point i was able to do some work to it.

Before the tearing apart.


After the drive bays were taken out.


I did some cutting of the Drive bays on the S in order to fit the 1000 hard drive bays in and get them to sit right. This is the final product with the HD bays installed.



Once all that was done it is time for paint and i wanted to go with a glossy paint. I didn't do any primer or sanding just painted and it seemed to turn out ok but i will not know for sure until the paint has dried.





The one thing i did forget was to cut a hole in the front so i can put a fan to blow on the hard drives. I guess i will have to do that after the paint dries and put another coat on the front.

Now time to wait for the paint to dry.

What does everyone think so far? I can take criticism so don't be afraid of telling me what you think even if there something you dont like.

Thanks for looking

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dubzhouse    0

Here is the case and the Hard drive cages after the paint and it has dried.



I cut out the top so i will get better airflow with the fans and i also cut out a hole in the back to get to the backplate on the CPU block without having to take out the motherboard.



I also cut out holes in the front to put the 2 80mm fans to blow on the hard drives.


Then i installed the fans.


I mounted three fans on the radiator and then installed it into the case and then put on the other 3 fans so that part is now done.



This is slowly coming together but will not be done tonight as i am still waiting on my quick disconnect fittings and my drain valve to get here tomorrow.

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dubzhouse    0

Thanks it didnt take very long once i got everything figured out and exactly what needed to be cut and drill and riveted back together.

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jbjtkbw00    0

You guys make me really want to take apart a case and do custom work, but I'm a train wreck when it comes to stuff like that. I can follow instructions, but cutting stuff up freely.....not that creative.

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