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Layout of thermal tubes of a cooler

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agvl    0

How thermal tubes of a cooler - vertically or horizontally, should be allocated, and a curving should be allocated upwards or downwards?

In the manual it is not specified about it.

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Icejon    0

Please align the cooler so your fans are blowing hot air out of the case. Also make sure the heat pipes do not obstruct any structures.

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Which cooler are we talking about?

To state the obvious & back up Zenphic's question:

Which cooler are you using as not all coolers are built the same & many can be turned to create 'room' or improve airflow (depending on the case & it's fans / venting etc).

In fact, the way for us to help you if for you to help us with at least the following:

What cooler

What case

What motherboard

Fans in the case & locations

Possible picture of current setup inside showing motherboard & fans as best as possible.

A couple of 'for instance' examples:

One case with an Asus silent square fitted as per directions, worked well butthe case ony had an 80mm exhaust fan in the back, however it had a 120mm in the top above the cooler.

I turned the cooler by a 1/4 turn, thus the air rises (hot air rises duh) exhausts via the faster higher cfm 120mm fan, dropping the cpu temp by a further 4 degrees idle & 2 degrees under load, it also aided the rest of the cases cooling dropping the enitr chasis temp by 8 degrees in the new position.

Example #2:

Mid tower ATX with cooler (4 heat pipes & exposed fan) that was not that much effective over the stock cooler.

This time a 1/4 turn, cut an exhaust port in the top of the case, used an exhaust kit (alluminum tub that stretches / bends etc) that fitted over the fan, added 2nd fan at the other end of the tube & screwed to new port in the top of the case, covered outside of hole (on top) with laser cut logo fan cover & voila heat exhasuts twice as fast & the cooler became a 1/3rd more efficient.

The examples above are a fe out of many where the cooler is set dif' depending on the cooler & case.

Please give us mor info so we can perhaps help you out.

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