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Question CM RP-650-PCAR 650W ATX can it support the rig

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donpaya    0

Hi everybody I need some adivce, first my rig

MB ASUS P5N-T Deluxe

1gb GAIL 1000Mhz x2

Gainward 8800 GT 512 x2 SLI

audigy 2 PCI

HD 2x 160GB 2x 200 GB 2x 500GB SATA = 6 HDs (2 of hd are used frequently 4 of hd for storage)

4 low noise 12" cese fans

Water cooling (external power not on PSU)

I was running this rig for 3 months, no problem till MB stop working (BIOS curropt ususal for this board ) the store replaced with the new MB same type.

My question, is PSU enophe becouse the rig is working fine (but PSU is getting warm to hot) or it is better to get new PSU


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Jim Wilson    0

there might be several things to check...first would be if the fan is working on the PSU. Second is the PSU mounted on top of the case and drawing air from within the case? If so then it could be drawing in internal hot air and better air flow is recommended. If your PSU is still under CM Warranty then you could always RMA it...but be sure and have anotehr one to use in the meantime because the 7-10 days CM talks about is way under-estimated...more like weeks to some reporting months. If you use 'live chat' support and they say "it should ship by the end of the week"..its scripted response.

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Part requests do take longer, but RMA's are within 1 normal business week to when we receive the power supply, then it ships. It will only be weeks if we don't have stock of the item

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