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Guest Mindless Moron

my overclocking adventure.

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Guest Mindless Moron   
Guest Mindless Moron

hello i just thought id post my overclokcing adventure i was on tonight. First let me post my system. btw this is my first proper bash at overclocking i normally have help.

first the system

Asus P4C800-E deuluxe motherboard

P4 SKt 478 3.2 Ghz "Prescott"

1Gb(2*512) corsair XMS4000 CAS3 pro ram (dual channel)#

power supply enermax coolergiant 480w

cooling on cpu cm hyper 6 with an aero blower fan attached

northbridge and ram using stock (simple heatsink and uber heatsink on ram)

case cm atcs200 4 case fans.

unfortuantly i've forgotten my 5% results

so here's 10%

Core speed: 3519.6

multiplyer x16

fsb 220

bus 879.9

ram was at about 479 mhz

ok and 20%

core 3840.9

mutiplyer x16

fsb 240.1

bus 940.2

ram was at 512mhz

unfortunatly it proved to be unstable at full load at 20% overclock i might do a 15% overclock see if that is more stable tommorow. i think i've got some pretty good results out of this boredom adventure.

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Hybrid-Mods    0

Hmm.. Try putting your ram in a diveder.. like 3:2 or 5:4 And maybe it needs more voltage on the proc? Good ocin though.. I can't reach 2800 on my 2400 due to DDR333 RAM running on a Northwood "c"

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Guest Mindless Moron   
Guest Mindless Moron


temps 42-44 idle, 53-57 full load, chipset 24idle 26cpu full load.

all this on glorious air cooling

its fast i only need faster hdd's now

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