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Who is using the Aquagate Max ?

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andygibson    0

Thanks to those who have already given me advice.

My questions:

1. Is it ok to use one loop?

2. Will the stock alui rad cause issues with the copper cpu block?

3. Would a 360 rad improve cooling and do you think the pump would cope ok?

4. Will it matter which direction the water flows through the Hydra's? (Do you have to connect GC1 in - GC1 out - GC2 in - GC2 out)



Cosmos 1000 case

Cooler Master Aquagate Max

2 x Cooler Master Hydra water blocks for 2 x 8800GTX in SLI

Swiftech Apoyee GTZ to cool a Q6600

Kingwin 800w PSU, 4GB DDR2 Corsair Domminator 1066MHz

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donta1979    0

I will be using it, you would have to read up on how much heat your pumping out on your gpus, me I am just going to have a second water cooling setup just for my gpus as to not run into problems.

will be doing this shortly actually, waiting on mine to arrive,

But the setup is going to be

i7 920

"Come on psu and 4ghz"

EVGA x58

12gigs of Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 Ram

"Using current Dominator Ram fan Coolers"

1 to 3 1TB Hard Drives installed

"others will be hot swapped out by a Drive bay or a usb hot swapable."

2x 280 GTX FTW's

"Might go Tri SLI later Idle 38/44c Load 50-68c on air getting EVGA 200 HC gpu coolers"

CM 690 Nvidia Edition

"going to have to mod"

Thermaltake Thoughpower 1000w

"none modular consuming roughly 670-730watts max load with current setup at stock"

CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX CPU liquid cooling

APOGEEâ„¢ GTZ Extreme Performance CPU water-block w/ i7 mount

"fixing the weakest link in kit"

8 Feet of clear 3/8 tubing w/coils For more water cooling later on gpus

"Just to have a little extray laying around"

My Current system ... sysid=5308

But to get all of this into my current case and have it look good I might have to get creative have all the tools at my disposal to do some modding on case"adding second rad pump, res later for gpus". If I have the time, I want to do the halo3 360 edition paint job on the case with my job do not have a ton of free time. Hardware will be here on the 30th and 31st, water cooling parts in the first week of next month.

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Coltch    0

Been using the Aquagate Max for quite some time now, down to cooling just the CPU at the moment, was using a Glacier 600 on my 2900XT but have a Palit 4580 that has the zerotherm cooler on it.


Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2.7GHz (never goes above 40 degrees under load)

ASUS A8R-32 MVP Deluxe (Skt 939), 2 GB G.Skill PC3200 @ 446Mhz

Palit HD4850 PCS+ (may look at including this in the loop in my next build, and might get another one for crossfire).

2 x 160GB, 1 x 120GB, 2 x 320GB WD HDD's (3 different OS's and running out of storage, might need a couple of 1TB drives to replace the 320's!)

Thermaltake Armour case (took some serious working out how to fit the Aquagate MAX in, but managed to get there in the end!) - going to get a Cosmos S for next build.

OCZ GameXtreme 750W PSU - looking at the CM M1000 to replace this.

Creative X-Fi Elite Pro.

Oh and nearly forgot - Cooler Master Aquagate MAX!.

Will be upgrading sometime soon to a Phenom II set-up, just got to make sure the bank account agrees! :?

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Tony2438    0

I've been using the h50 I have a all box up aquagate Max My question is what sort of temps can I get with the aquagate Max and Apogeeâ„¢ XT Extreme Rev2 also would aquagate Max be capable of cooling the gpu s ?

My Specs are

Intel Core i7 950

Rampage III Extreme



Corsair 6.0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 837MHz (7-8-8-20)

tagen 1100w psu

XFX Black HD 5970

Coolermaster 1100 s

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