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Project: ATCS 840

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coolmiester    0

My apologies for this one post as its a little jumbled but i seem to have a lot going on right now and i still haven't even started putting the hardware in but hey.............nothing like cutting things fine.

Anyway, its a show case right?? so who needs a ROM drive??

The new Scythe fan controller looked way out of place so it was time to get busy and stealth the sucker as well as both Bay-Res's and the end result is way better and in keeping with the windows which i also managed to get done.

Knocked up a simple dual plexi bay with Poly Weld, covered it in black out film and mounted the Scythe to it which basically gives the same effect, only bigger and mounted above the two Bay-Res's you start to see the look that i was originally looking for especially in the last picture.

Next week i guess i best get busy on the inside.

Loads of pictures as usual......see if they make any sense!!!!!














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coolmiester    0

At last, started to get some liquids into this thing, all be it only the CPU / NB loop but its a start.

My Zotac GTX 295's left Hong Kong yesterday and according to TNT track and trace they landed at Heathrow at 9.30am this morning so i would imagine they will arrive tomorrow...........only problem is that they are two of only three samples here in the UK and i got to fit the damn blocks myself but i guess that's the price you pay for getting early samples and its no biggy to be fair.

Anyway, its leak testing at present and all looking well.






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jbjtkbw00    0

Man, that red looks like blood flowing through the veins of that magnificent beast. Excellent my good man.

This is really a beautiful creature.

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coolmiester    0

I've been concentrating on the external so much it hadn't really hit home until these Zotac GTX295's turned up today, how killer this hardware actually is and can't wait to get it up and running.

295's will remain air cooled for the time being which is quite a novelty for me until the blocks and black coolant arrive but at least it gives me a chance to test fit them and check they are both working and any issues with drivers and Windows 7 etc plus there is still 101 other things to do but all in all i'm pretty happy how its coming together.

Question is.............will it boot!!!!






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coolmiester    0

I know we're all probably getting a bit sick of this by now but hey its nearly done now.

Got the second loop filled with black and the blocks all stickered up and was really happy to get the hose running through the cards again..........i just love that for some reason.

So here how it stands at the end of another week and i'm off to the pub for a well deserved beer and forget about computers for a few hours!







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