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Project: ATCS 840

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coolmiester    0

For me, this is what modding is all about, there is nothing more satisfying than making something out of basically nothing and i'm never happier than with a piece of aluminium and a few tools.

I've made one for now but there will be one either side of this one, slightly shorter in length and there will be another three for the front section so i best get a wriggle on.










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RaptorFury    0

y did you mount the dual 120 on the bootom ? and not up against the hdd bays. this way no serious modding would need to be done. ans yes the atcs840 can accomidate it very easily.

as i did here.

nice mod though

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coolmiester    0

Cheers Raptor 8)

First of all i got to thank Intel for again making another killer mod possible by getting me a hand picked i7 265 CPU so at least while the rest of the case is away getting painted i can hopefully get the system up and running all be it on the bench and without the final GFX cards but its a start in the right direction as there is only 21 days to go.

Well, these simple little rails turned out taking a lot longer to complete than i'd originally thought but they are done now and look great so i'm well pleased with them and its another box ticked ;)







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coolmiester    0

Yeah, hope to see you there Max :wink:

I've never been so indecisive about what colour to paint a case so i've added a pole and done a quick photochop to give some kind of idea what it would look like.

The safe bet is to go with black but i've already done black with the Cosmos so was thinking about being a little more adventurous but if it turn out bad there isn't any time to change my mind so i'd be stuck with it.

........oh decisions, decisions :?



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