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Coolermaster Real Power M700 boot failed

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theoks75    0

My system was running fine for 6 months. Problem now is as follows:

- press power on button, all fans start running for 3-5 seconds, then

- whole system shuts down, then

- all fans starts running again, and stop at error code 88.

What I have tried:

- booting using 1 stick of ram only

- update BIOS to version dated 2008/10/2

- changed new graphics card

- flashed CMOS

all of the above doesn't work, untill..

- plug in generic PSU, everything works fine...!

However I tested the original coolermaster M700 on another system and it works fine too!

Is there any known compatibility issue between this mobo and this PSU???

Any way to resolve this?

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Maxession    1

That's strange, it worked for 6 months, an still does but not with that computer anymore. :?

Have you done any hardware changes or bios updates before the problem?

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knud    129

Although it works on a other system, it looks like the PSU is faulty.

I strongly suggest to RMA it, to prevent any further troubles you might have.

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