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CM Stacker 832SE

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fascinus    0


I'm planning to buy the CM Stacker 832SE....

I have already got the Hyper 212 and guess it fits in the 832SE case.

What I need to know is which modular power supply do I purchase?

Also does a Cross Flow Fan really help?

Also, is it effective and how about the noise levels?

I'm planning for Corsair DHX DDR2... 2 x 2GB.

I already have over 3TB of Space. 2 x 1TB Seagate, 500GB x 1 WD, 500GB x 1 Seagate (Ext).

Also, my purpose is purely entertainment. I quit programming like last year....

Also, i'm planning on Nvidia 9800GT.

Kindly suggest me how do I go about it.

Thanks for your suggestions.....

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Creech    0

Hi fascinus,

The Stacker 832SE is a great case. I bought two of them when they were on sale at Newegg and I have been very pleased with them. The Hyper 212 will fit, but you probably will not be able to use the 120/140 fan mount directly above the heatsink unless you get a very thin fan.

As far as a modular power supply, I have not used one in the 832, but I have been very pleased with the Corsair HX series in other cases. They have gold plated connectors and are manufactured by either Seasonic or CWT, both great manufacturers. I would assume all the cables are more than long enough for the 832, but I don't know for sure.

I haven't used the crossflow fan before, but I wouldn't think it would be necessary unless you have a very hot motherboard or are an extreme overclocker. There are plenty of fans and fan mounts as it is.

Everything else should work fine and make a great system. I have some of the same RAM and it fits with the Hyper 212 on my motherboard (Biostar TForce 780G M2+ HP).

Let us know what you end up with and maybe post some pics of your system when it's done.

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fascinus    0


Thanks for your prompt response on the same.

Actually it'll take time for the case to come by since $ market has gone high...

Now I have already placed an order with my friend and that's why it would be a back to back deal.

He mentions it'd be almost 30 days - 45 days for the entire case to come by.

In case for the Hyper 212 - I have already mounted 2 x 120x120x25 Blue LED Fans.

Also, i'm planning for a Modular PSU may be a 600W / 850W supply because I want to avoid unnecessary cabling problems.

The RAM is vital for the performance of the system and thats why i'm aiming at OCZ RAM Cooling Module - XTC Cooler...

It comes with Blue LED 2 x 60mm Ultra Silent Fans. Its not too expensive either.

The RAM Would be XMS2 - DHX. 2 x 2GB Clocked at 800 Mhz.

The HDD's are SATA itself. Space I presume is something that I already have so not really concerned bout changing it.

I did however give it a thought of buying the new Seagate Extreme 1.5

Also, I wouldn't like spending for a Blu-Ray burner because yet its quite expensive ....(for me).

The final config is as follows:

1: CM Stacker 832SE

2: Asus M32/AP WiFi

3: AMD Phenom 9800

4: Corsair XMS2 - DHX

5: CM Real Power M850/ CM Silent Pro M600

6: CM Hyper 212

7: Nvidia 9500

8: OCZ XTC Cooler

9: APC Inverter

10: CM Crossflow Fan.

I'm still very new at all this so i'm not sure how it'll work but I guess that's more or less what the final product would look like...

Kindly feel free to fill in anything that I need to replace...

Thanks again for your time.

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fascinus    0


I'm being made aware off lately that 832SE have been discontinued....

I'm of the knowledge that the website still hosts a picture of the same....

But I had a word with one of the Rep's and he's told me the same... they are discontinued.

There is nothing great about the case apart from the Face Plate....

Any chances of me getting that Face Plate?

Tried the Shop but it isn't there either...

A friend said he can arrange for me a 830Evo (Black)

I was like - its fine, but still would really like a 832SE.... but something is better than nothing...

Also, the size is the same... the only diff that i'm aware between the EVO & SE is the Mother Board tray has holes for Heat Decipitation & the Mounting Holes for the Cross Flow Fan...

Am I right?

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terminator    0


Personally I would forget about the Crossflow Fan.

I read somewhere, (maybe another Forum :oops: ) a Guy who had gone to the trouble of fitting one.

I can't remember now whether it gave no improvement in Case temps, whatsoever, or if it actually INCREASED them slightly, but over-complicated an already complex airflow system.

Needless to say he wasn't a happy bunny.

Logically, straight in/through/straight out is the best, if possible. (like George Patton said: ' .... like s--t through a Goose' !

As soon as you start introducing side-fans, crossflow fans or any airflow which is at right angles to that, then you're going to get turbulence.

Just how much, and the degree to which it will affect, or try to oppose your 'straight through' airflow, is way out of my depth, I'm afraid. :scratch:

Although if some kind soul. with access to a Disco Fog-making Machine, and loads of free time on their hands, would like to run a series of various fan-configuration tests on the 830/Evo Series, I'm sure we'd all be very grateful ! :notworthy::occasion5::laughing6:



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cmyers    0

Yeah, I really doubt you'll see any improvements temp wise with a crossflow fan. The case itself is really no more than a glorified screen door so all you really need are a couple decent fans. On my setup, I use 4 of the stock CM low-cfm fans, and I have yet to run into any heat problems whatsoever.

As for the difference in cases, I think the mobo trays are all standard now.(The early models didn't have the heat dissipation holes and the crossflow support) If not, you can always get the new version from the CM Parts Store. For 832 availability, have you checked ebay...Or you could always just get the 832 here if you don't mind a refurb.

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fascinus    0


Well that takes care of that then...

The Cross Flow is outta my mind....

As for decent fans... well I have a few of Silent Fans from CM... a friend was kind enough to sell me some.

Actually got them Economic Solution Packs... 4 x 4. I guess the maximum our case would take is 9 x 120 mm's right?

Also, the CM 850 Modular was expensive... I managed to get HX1000W Modular from Corsair a bit cheaper...

As for the Mobo tray for the heating problem... how much do you think it'd cost me? I checked it with the Coolermaster Shop...the/nl website but its probably no longer in stock?

But all in all do you really think that the Stacker 830EVO (black) would be as good as the CM Stacker 832SE? Or perhaps better?

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fascinus    0


Hey guys I got my CM Stacker 830 EVO - Black...

God its Sexy!!!

But had a few queries....

First of all.... if its an EVO... Should it not have a WD Raptor Bay?

It mentions that on the box in which it was delivered but when I opened it.... its missing.

Also.... when I opened the case.... I saw the 4 in 3 Module.... but then if I want to mount more fans.... the front can take 3.... but what do I mount them on?

Kindly help me because I cannot understand all that....

Please guys help me out....

Also, I presume that the Motherboard Tray of an SE & EVO are exactly identical size wise... but there are holes for Heat Dissipation & Niche to mount a CrossFlow Fan....

Where can I get that?

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terminator    0

With regards to mounting your Front fans:

I currently have an 830 Evo which I propose to use for a forthcoming build.

If you read the review: ... c-review/1

you'll see that to a certain extent, the 840 is a 'victim of it's own size' in that the cooling fans are that remote from the components they are supposed to cool, that they're robbed of a lot of their efficiency.

This seems as though it might also be the case with the 83* Series, especially having the 'mesh' sides into the bargain. :scratch:

:idea1: What I had in mind, was to construct a 3 X 120mm 'front' fan (aluminium) mounting-plate, which would be attached to the inside of the drivebay cages, bringing them much closer to the m/b.

If rubber mountings were then used for the HDD's, the whole Hard Drive Bay could then be omitted, thus saving a considerable amount of weight.

What do you reckon Guys ? ALL feedback welcome !



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