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PSU/650W Problem - Red Light

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zemegauser    0

Cooler Master 650W Real Power Pro

In order:

1. Turned off PSU main switch.

2. Unpluged power plug from the case.

3. Opened Case

4. Took out a fan, and cleaned it.

5. Put fan back.

6. Close case.

7. Plug Power plug back in

8. Turn Main switch on

9. Press Power button

10. Power light from LED comes on, but all is silent... no fans running, nada...

11. Look at PSU back, and it has the red light on.

12. Oh my god...

"Red light indicates if there is a power failure, power surge, short circuit, etc."

What can I do now? I hear there is a way to "jump-start" it or something like that...

I don't know how this could have happened, and I just got this PSU a few days ago, it was working perfectly...

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