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Smart fans 92mm, 120mm

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Wallmer    0

1. fans with a remote temp sensor that are low rpm when temps are cool and ramp up when thing heat up

2. programmable stealthed(no lcd, blank 5.25) fan controller, 6-8 fans with accompanying thermal sensors. The fan controller would be independent, self-contained but additional fan profiles can be programmed by software

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EsaT    0

1. There would have to be fans with different speed vs temperature curves and maximum speeds.

I wouldn't want any above 1200rpm fan without change to limit maximum speed, neither I would want fast ramping curve like overclockers probably would want.

2. What's the point in wasting 5.25" bay if you still can't use it to manually check anything or adjust fan speed but have to use software? That's the job of SpeedFan.

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