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New front bay power on, reset, usb, ... to Stacker

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Sr_Lobo    0

Hi, I wrote you from Spain (please excuse me for my bad english), i have a Coolermaster Stacker, a great case but I think it has a problem:

The frontal bay, with 6 usb 2.0, firewire, frontal audio, power on and reset is horrible, it looks very cheap. It looklikes a Thermaltake or Aerocool product and Coolermaster must work better in that details. I will propose you an idea:

An optional frontal panel made in Steel or aluminium, buttoms too, it will use 2 bays of 5 ¼ and will have this items:

6 frontal usb ( it must have a internal hub (8 usb, six for frontal and one for card reader), because all mainboards have only one or two frontal usb connection and with have you can switch on the six units and the card reader without lose any back usb)

Frontal audio conectors.

1 Firewire

Power on


8x1 card reader. (connected to the internal usb provided by the hub)

3,5 bay for diskette floppy or hard disk (with that we don´t lose the extra bay that we have used)

I don´t want a control fan unit or a lcd with termometro. I have a Fan control and I don´t want to pay too much money for my frontal unit. And I want to choose my fan control and don´t need to change the frontal of the case. If you put a fan control or a termometro the cost will be too big and you force people to use it because the case don´t work without power on and reset and the people want to choose the rheobus. I have one that I like very much and I don´t want to sell it or have two in my case.

If you make a pretty frontal with those things the Stacker will be a very better case, and too much beauty than now. I you make it I will buy sure.

I wait your opinion, see you and thanks.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will look at it and propose what's right to HQ. We welcome any more suggestions you or anyone else might have.

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dropper    0

Not to steal credit for it, but I did mention the hub idea before in the ideas topic. I do like the idea of the reader/floppy, but I still think it should be seperate module, but matched to the case.

Also, the audio cables need to be longer.


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